SphereMail vs PostScan Mail

Virtual Mailbox and Address Services Review

What is SphereMail & How it Works?

SphereMail is a virtual mail provider based in California and is just one of Sphere’s services; they also have SpherePhone, a virtual receptionist for businesses. As for their mail service, you get your own mailing street address, not a PO Box and all your postal mail is sent to this address. You can access your mailbox online through their website or the mobile app.

You receive notifications by email or text whenever you receive new mail. You can then log into your virtual mailbox and manage your mail by requesting it to be forwarded, shredded, scanned, or schedule a pick-up.

Sphere has multiple locations nationwide and globally, however, the prices vary according to location. Their lowest priced location starts at $20 per month and the most expensive location can reach $100 per month. Most of their locations range from $30 to $70. Their mail solution mostly caters businesses, large or small and they have a 14-day free trial before paying for the service

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What is the difference between PostScan Mail and SphereMail?


PostScan Mail’s locations are all based in the US, varying between street addresses or PO Box addresses, whichever you prefer. However, an international mail shipping option is available if you’d like to forward any packages or mail overseas.

All of PostScan Mail’s locations have the same pricing, with the starter package at $9.95 which is a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals. We target businesses of all sizes and individuals like travelers, RVers, digital nomads, and anyone else looking for a convenient virtual mail service.

The mail automation process is similar in both companies. However, with PostScan Mail, you get new mail notifications and automatically receive scanned images of the envelopes of all mail and packages received. You can also log into your mailbox through your mobile device and manage your mail by sending out handling requests, classifying it into folders, and even setting filters to avoid junk mail.

And if you’re traveling or don’t want to forward your packages just yet, all mail and packages get free physical storage for up to 30 days from its arrival. You can still store mail or packages afterward if needed for a small fee.

PostScan Mail considered all your mail problems and channeled it all into one simple and easy mail solution. Check out the comparison between features below and decide on the best solution for you.

PostScan Mail grants you these smart features with very convenient plans:


Let’s check out the chart below for a comparison of features in each service.

  SphereMail PostScan Mail
Mail Carriers All Carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx) All Carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx)
Starter Package $20 $9.95
Exterior Image No Yes
Interior Content Yes Yes
Recipients Unspecified Unlimited
Physical Mail Storage No Free for 30 days
Cloud Storage Yes Unlimited
Mailing Addresses Multiple addresses nationwide and globally Over 65 addresses nationwide
Mailing Scanning Service Yes Yes
Forwarding Service Yes (domestically and internationally) Yes (domestically and internationally)
Mail Management Yes Yes
Shredding Service Yes Yes
Street Addresses Street addresses only Street addresses + PO Box addresses

View your mail with PostScan Mail!

Plans start as low as $9.95/month
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The PostScan Mail advantage:


Great Addresses – We partner with all the addresses in our network and with our standardized pricing, you get the same features and service regardless of location. Choose from some of the most desired locations in the country such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and many more.


No Contracts – We are so confident here at PostScan Mail that we offer the option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the service at any time. PostScan Mail also promises the ultimate in privacy and security by implementing access restrictions on all collected data.



Comparing prices plans – NO hidden fees!

Incoming Mail

Mailing Address



$9.95 /month

30 items



60 items




$24.95 /month

120 items




Extra Service Fees

Extra Mail & Packages Received
$0.35 per item
Extra Open & Scan Requests
$1.25 per item up to 15 pages; $1 per additional 15 pagesadditional 15 pagesper additional 15 pages
Extra User Accounts
$5.00 per month
Mail Storage After 30 Days
$0.03 per pound per day for packages; $0.03 per day for other mail
Mail Forwarding
$0.85 per item, plus postage
Free Mail Storage
30 days per item
Unlimited Recipients

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