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Whenever you want

Access your mail 24/7. No more driving to the post office or waiting for a pile of mail when you return from your travels. 

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Wherever you are

Regardless of where you are, you can access your postal mail online from our cloud-based platform.

PostScan Mail gives you complete control over your mail deliveries online.

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On any device

From your PC or Mac, Android or iPhone. You can access your mail from any device. 

Secure and Trusted Mailing Address

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1. Choose Your Address

Choose a mailing address by browsing through our locations across the US. 


2. View Your Mail

When your mail arrives, we scan the front of the mail item and send you an email notification.


3. Manage Your Mail

We store your mail securely until you decide what to do next. Request to open & scan, recycle or forward.

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Access your mail anytime,

on all of your devices!



Sign up by selecting a street or PO Box mailing address. When we receive mail addressed to you, we will scan the front of the envelope or package label and and make it available online. You can then choose to open & scan, forward or recycle.

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