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Virtual mailbox is one of the services that you should start using if you haven’t started already. It is a service that can significantly enhance the quality of your life. All the claims that modern ways of communication have reduced time that people spend together are unrealistic.

Pre-ordered that Playstation 4, but don't want to shell out cash to have it shipped in time for Christmas? Never fear! It seems a ton of retails stores are using free shipping way before the holiday season hits.

Meiko S. Patton, a writer for the United States Postal Service, did a piece on Willie Clemmons a mail handler hired in 1951. Clemmons is set to retire this year.

In Gwinnet County, Georgia, a working college student and soon-to-be bride had $400 returned to her by the US Post Office. Betsy Holmes accidentally placed the cash in the mail.

The Washington Post published an article last month on the U.S. Postal Service's screening process to check for pathogens in mail sent to Congress and federal agencies.


Earlier in the year, the United States Postal Service reversed its initial decision to end standard mail delivery on Saturdays. Some have stated their disappointment in this decision, as the intent of the decision was to make money-saving cuts.


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