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PostScan Mail Account Setup

Hello, and welcome to PostScan Mail’s Account Setup guide.  Here we will be going through a few things will help you complete your account setup and start enjoying the benefits of PostScan Mail.  In this guide you will find helpful tips on filling out your 1583 Postal Consent Form, where to get your documents notarized, and how to submit your Change of Address request with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Your Guide to USPS Form 1583

The USPS Postal Consent 1583 form can look confusing, but this article will help you understand what exactly is the USPS 1583 Form and how to fill it out properly.

Why You Need to Complete USPS Form 1583

The United States Postal Service (USPS) regulates how your mail can be received and handled. As commercial mail receiving agent (CMRA), PostScan Mail is required by the USPS to follow its outlined procedures. USPS Form 1583 authorizes a CMRA to receive mail on the customer’s behalf and a completed form is required before anyone can give you a mailbox.

Let’s Get Started

Don’t have a pre-generated copy of the Form 1583? We got you covered.  You can download this editable PDF directly from USPS and manually insert the information. Once you are done, you can either upload it to our online notary partner or print it out to get notarized.

Download the USPS Form 1583 

Filling Out Form 1583

In general, the form can be completed in a few short minutes once you have all the required information in front of you.  So, let’s get started and start filling out your form. Below you will see a step-by-step guide on what exactly needs to be put down in the corresponding boxes.

  • Box 1: Todays date
  • Box 2: Your name
  • Boxes 3a-3d: Your new PostScan Mail mailing address that you chose when you signed up with us.
  • Box 4a: The name of the store providing the mailbox (you can find this on the location listing or contact us and we can help).
  • Boxes 4b-4e: The address you signed up for without the PMB# (for PO boxes, use 1950 W Corporate Way, Anaheim, CA 92801)
  • Box 5: Your signature
  • Box 6: Your name
  • Boxes 7a-7e: Your residential address
  • Boxes 8a-8b: Write down the two forms of ID that you will use to verify your identity. You can find a list of acceptable IDs at the end of this article.
  • Box 16: Your signature.


Optional Business Information

If you are linking a business to your mailbox, you must fill out boxes 9–14.

  • Box 9: Name of Firm or Corporation
  • Boxes 10a – 10e: Business Address and Telephone number. If you are a home-based business, enter your home address.
  • Box 11: Indicate what product or service your business provides
  • Box 12 or 13: Name each person who will be receiving mail at the new PostScan Mail address. All names must have verifiable identification, but you are not required to provide a separate Form 1583 for each employee. If you plan to receive mail for more than one business, you will need a separate 1583 Consent Form and proof of ownership for each business.
  • Box 14: Registration info (if applicable)


Important Information

  • If you are receiving mail for your spouse, make sure that you include their name in all the required areas (Sections 2, 6, 8a, 8b, 5 and 16 of the 1583 Postal Consent Form) along with 2 forms of ID. Your spouse will also have to be present for the notary signing and their name included on the notary acknowledgment.
  • If you are receiving mail for children under the age of 18, make sure to include their names in Section 12 followed by “(minor)“. Identification is not required for minors.
  • If you are receiving mail for an online business, you will need to include “Online” in the required areas (Section 9 and 11 of the 1583 Postal Consent form). You will not need to provide proof of business, or a business address but we will require the web address of your online business.
  • If you will be receiving mail anyone that is not your spouse, child or employee, then we require a physical notarized 1583 Postal Consent Form for that individual.


Notarize Form 1583

As mentioned previously, you will need to have the USPS 1583 Form notarized for us to be able to accept it.  The notary should sign box 15 of the form and provide a certification on a separate piece of paper.

PostScan Mail offers you the convenience of having your 1583 Form notarized via webcam through our partner Notarize. They will also send the notarized form directly to us, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you choose to find a notary on your own, notaries can be found almost everywhere. Courthouses and banks normally have an in-house notary, or you can use your preferred search engine to find notaries in your area.

Bonus tip: Some banks offer free notary service to their existing customers. You may want to check with your bank first.


Send Form 1583 to PostScan Mail

There are a couple of ways for you to forward your notarized 1583 Form to us.

1. By mail:  Send the original copy (NOT a photocopy) along with your photocopied IDs to your PostScan Mail address with the following label:

PostScan Mail
Att: Account Setup

We will submit the original to USPS and keep a copy for our records.

2. In Person: Visit your PostScan Mail address (Street Addresses only) and bring the 1583 form with your IDs. Be sure to check the store’s hours or call ahead to check availability. Some locations may charge a fee to notarize the document.

3. Use  As mentioned above, if you choose to notarize your form with Notarize, they will send the notarized form to us directly.

List of Acceptable IDs

The following are a list of acceptable forms of identification that you can use to complete your 1583 Form.

  • Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card
  • Armed Forces, Government, University, or recognized Corporate ID
  • Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization
  • Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust
  • Voter or vehicle registration card
  • Home, health, or vehicle insurance policy

Unfortunately, social security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

Change of Address

Now, for us to receive your mail, you are going to have your mail forwarded to the new PostScan Mail address that you chose when you first setup your account. The process is straightforward and can be completed by choosing one of the following options.

You can either:

Submit a change of address form online with the USPS. We have made it easy for you and provided you the link here.


Notify your senders of your new PostScan Mail address

You’re Done!

Congratualtions, once you have completed the steps above, you are finished fully setting up your account.  You can now take a seat and we will take care of the rest.  You are on your way to fully experiencing the many benefits that PostScan Mail offers.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 1 (800) MAIL-866 or click on the “Contact Us” box located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Welcome to PostScan Mail!

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