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1Select a mailing address

To get started, select a plan and a mailing address. You’ll need to fill out the USPS Postal Consent Form allowing us to receive mail on your behalf, then send the original copy along with your photocopied IDs to our headquarters. Once completed, you can also file a Change of Address with the USPS, which can temporarily or permanently route your mail to your new mailing address.

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2We'll receive your mail

When we receive your mail on your virtual mailbox, our highly trained operators take immediate action. We quickly scan an image of your mail item or package label and make it available to you online. You can then access your mail from any web-enabled mobile device or tablet. Our apps are available on the Apple Apps Store and Google Play.

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3Tell us what to do

Simply log into your virtual mailbox and decide to do with each of your mail items.

You can request to open and scan an envelope and view the downloaded contents as a PDF. You can request to bundle several items into a single package and forward it anywhere in the world. Or you can request to recycle your mail items and digitally archive an image online.

Access Your Postal Mail Anywhere, Anytime!

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