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Fuel up your Business

Starting small has its own challenges, and the limited physical space is one of them, especially if you are attempting to set up an in-house mailroom to facilitate mail management. Chances are: you would run into a lot of difficulties; the space, the cost and the workforce dedicated to such an activity will distract you from what you can do the best. You want to push your business forward and support your presence in the market with the available resources. And PostScan Mail offers you a magic solution and above all, a prestigious address that can boost your business.

PostScan Mail’s Virtual Mail Solutions

The virtual mailroom solution of PostScan Mail will offer your business high-quality services with a minimal cost. You would be able to have the mail items of all your company received and sorted out. the envelopes and packages would be scanned and a digital copy would be uploaded to secure online mailboxes. As for the physical mail items and packages, they will be stored at our facility free of charge for as long as you wish.

Our virtual mailroom is the innovative solution that shall provide your small business with all the mail management capabilities it needs. No need to hire mailroom clerks; our skilled operators will professionally handle your mail with optimal care. No need to stack physical mail in your company; it will be stored in our facility ready to be forwarded to wherever you like and whenever you decide to.

Kiss Junk Mail Goodbye with our Smart Filter Feature

It is no good wasting valuable business hours in shredding or recycling junk mail. By using our service, we would receive your mail at the PostScan Mail facility and scan and upload it for you online through your secure virtual mailbox. You can mostly decide what needs to be done with a single click. Whether you would like the mail item to be forwarded, stored, recycled or safely disposed of, you name the action and we carry it out.


Furthermore, you can decide what should be done with your mail items even before you receive them. By using our smart filters feature, you can define some pre-determined actions for some mail items based on the sender's ID for example. So, you can for example order all mail items from a specific sender to be forwarded to a specific address. Or you can use the feature to filter junk mail based on your directions and alert you about significant items only.


Sign up to PostScan Mail Virtual Mailroom Service and we would be:

  • Receiving mail on your behalf
  • Scanning your mail from the outside only
  • Notifying you online
  • Opening and scaning the inside only upon request
  • Forwarding only the items you want to receive
  • Shredding or recycling junk mail

No Matter What Size of Business you own, get a Digital Mailroom

Managing Postal Mail Online could also be crucial to giant corporations and huge enterprises and not only to small businesses. Although space and cost taken up by mailrooms will not be a friction, digitization is what they need. With a worldwide presence and executives who frequently travel on business trips, one can’t imagine mail will have to wait. These big businesses can power up their calibers with such a functional tool as mail digitization for better accessibility to their mail.

Easy Searching, Archiving and Retrieval

Digging through your mail to find a specific item would take ages, but an online search will get you what you need just precisely and swiftly. Using your online mailbox and with our powerful search feature, you would be able to search for mail items from a specific sender or within a date range you name. So, instead of diving into piles of mail in your mailroom, you just type a cue, click the search button and viola! Your mail items, recent or old are only a single click away.

Advantages of an Online Mail Service:

  • Convenient
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy Access to Mail
  • A Reliable Service

Sign up now and have us set up a virtual mailroom for your business, with services that will boost your business and improve efficiency at the workplace.

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