Virtual Mailroom Fuel Up

Fuel up your Business

Starting a business has its challenges; limited physical space is one; another is trying to subsidize start-up costs.

If you’re running an in-house mailroom, you’re going to face a lot of difficulties. Space, cost, and work needed to manage these are all distractions you don’t need. PostScan Mail facilitates mail management and eliminates all troubles! Choose one of our locations and have all your business mail handled for you.

Virtual Mailroom Solutions

PostScan Mail’s Virtual Mail Solutions

Our virtual mailroom solution offers high-quality services at a minimal cost! You’ll be able to manage all business mail remotely. Envelopes are scanned and uploaded to your virtual mailbox. The physical copy is safely stored in our facilities, for free. You can have them forwarded to you wherever, whenever.

This innovative solution gives small businesses and startups all mail management needs without needing to hire mailroom employees. Our skilled professionals will handle your mail with care, leaving you a clean workspace. Never again stack mail or packages on your desk, just forward it whenever needed.

Virtual Mailroom Junk Mail Goodbye

Kiss Junk Mail Goodbye with our Smart Filter Feature

Why waste valuable time shredding and recycling junk mail? Our service is 24/7! With just a few clicks, you can forward, store, or dispose of any mail item. What happens next is in your hands.

Our smart filters let you sort mail before it even arrives! You can set actions for certain mail pieces based on the sender. Has it forwarded to a specific address, discarded as junk mail, or classified? Now you have time to focus on important mail!

Virtual Mailroom Benefits

Benefits of PostScan Mail's Virtual Mail room Service

  • We receive and sort mail on your behalf
  • Scan and upload your mail to your own secure virtual mailbox
  • Get notifications when new mail arrives
  • Open and read the contents of the mail you do want to receive
  • Forward items anywhere in the world
  • Secure shredding or recycling of all your mail
Virtual Mailroom Digital

A Digital Mail room for Every Business

Managing your postal mail online is a great benefit for businesses of all sizes, small or enterprise! Although space and cost usually isn’t a problem for bigger companies, digitalization is a benefit for everyone!

When you have a worldwide presence and are frequently on business trips, important mail needs to be handled immediately. This is where our Digital Mailroom solution comes to the rescue!

Virtual Mailroom Advantages

Advantages of an Online Mail Service

  • Convenient
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-efficient
  • 24/7 Virtual Access
  • Reliable

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