Virtual Po Box W Street Address

Virtual po box - Online PO Box With Street Address

PostScan Mail offers the PO Box with street address service for both individuals and business owners. In one swoop,  you get a cloud-based mailbox, a prestigious address, and automated mail services.

Automate your mail by getting a virtual street address today and enjoy all the benefits of a typical PO Box.  You will get access to your snail mail to view online anytime. More than Ninety addresses are available nationwide. Choose a PO Box with street address today for seamless mail management.

Virtual Box Street Address

Street Addresses

PostScan Mail offers a physical mailing address to all customers, this includes:

  • Real Street address format.
  • All mail carriers accepted.
  • Faster delivery.
  • In-store pickup.
  • Restricted mail delivery allowed.
Virtual Pobox Address

PO Box Address

PostScan Mail offers PO box addresses nationwide in a variety of famous cities.

  • PO box address format.
  • USPS mail accepted.
  • Forward mail anywhere.
  • 24/7 access online.
What Is Virtual Po Box

What is
A Virtual PO Box?

A virtual PO Box is having a physical PO Box that you can access online and manage all your mail and packages, without needing to go to the Post Office! You can only receive mail from USPS if you choose a PO Box address but it can be used for business or personal mail.

Virtual Po Box Fast Secure

Fast, Secure Online Access

Our virtual mailbox service delivers mail to your inbox in soft copy. You can access mail from the comfort of your home by just logging in to your email on any device.

Once new postal mail comes to your inbox, you get a notification plus a scan of the envelope showing who sent it. On viewing information about the sender,  you can choose an option for the mail to be opened then the contents securely scanned and sent to you.

You can also choose to leave the mail unopened and forwarded to another address. In some locations, you can also choose to pick the mail. The virtual PO Box with street address also receives packages.

Virtual Po Box Smart

Smart Postal Mailbox Management

Accessing mail from the convenience of a smartphone or PC is cool, especially when you retain total control over your mail. You can choose to shred mail once you’ve seen the contents.

Are you tired of junk mail? Filter the mail so that you do not receive notifications when junk comes in your mail. The virtual PO Box with a street address also provides storage services, so you can keep your residence or premises free of clutter.

Virtual Po Box Privacy


Use your physical address for stuff like registering websites. Spammers usually find addresses on WHOIS, and you do not want your home address there.

A virtual PO Box with a street address prevents this so that the home can be free of spam

Virtual Po Box Business

Virtual Po Box Service For Business

Businesses with a street address look more professional than those with the typical PO Box. Use the street address if customers do not need to visit your premises physically, but they want to know you are legit. You can:

  • Register a business without physical premises.
  • List the business on search engines and directories to maximize exposure.
  • Keep the home address private in ads and correspondence.

Access your mail in real time and enjoy automated mail management while saving the cost of hiring assistants to check the mail.Our PO Box with street address service eases your workflow and allows you to attend conferences or go on holidays without missing important correspondence.

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