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Receive your postal mail online without visiting your PO Box. We recognize and extract your useful mail and offer you a bundle of smart services. Reduce your expenses and achieve impressive management return from your virtual mailboxManage your mail efficiently through a virtual mailing address.


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Why PostScan Mail Forwarding Service?

PostScan Mail is your smart mail forwarder. Receive all your incoming postal mail and packages wherever you are! PostScan Mail receives your postal mail, scans the envelopes, uploads them to your online mailbox and notifies you. If you are a frequent traveler, or are seeking mail convenience, PostScan Mail is everything you need.


PostScan Mail Service Highlights

junk mail filter

Filtered Junk-mail

Your mail will won't overflow. Enjoy a smart bundle of mail forwarding services. PostScan mail receives your postal mail, recycles the junk mail, scans the envelopes, then uploads them to your online mailbox. Filter your mail, forward important mail or trash unneeded mail. Enjoy high quality scans and a user-friendly interface.

24 hours access

24/7 Access

Unlike a tradition post office box; with PostScan Mail you have access to your incoming mail 24/7 wherever you are. All you need is to have a device connected to the web. Keep a digital copy of all your important documents everywhere you go.

Mail Consolidation

Mail Consolidation

It is not just about receiving your mail. With a virtual shipping address, you can enjoy shipping online. With PostScan Mail you can combine multiple items and smaller packages together into one and save money spent by shipping them together. Track your items and receive packages from all couriers.

Storage Space

Convenient Storage

Keep your mail and packages safe at our facility. PostScan Mail receives your mail & packages and you can choose to store,  forward, or recycle them. Forward essential mail to wherever you are and store what's important to you.

How Does It Work

Your Mail Arrives..

Your PostScan Mail account is your virtual cloud of innovative mail services. A smart solution of mail scans and mail forwarding. We offer you 26 US addresses to get your items forwarded. Manage your mail online wherever you are, with proficiency and security.

Get a Notification With Your Mail

Once you receive mail, PostScan mail notifies you on the spot. By getting an email notification with a PDF attachment, you immediately get the mail that's important to you. Remember, junk mail is already filtered for you.

Determine What's Next..

We scan the envelopes and upload them to your online mailbox. You decide the next step; review the scanned envelope and choose if you want it scanned, forwarded or recycled. If it's not urgent, we'll store it for you at our facility.

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