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There are so many situations that can warrant the need for either temporary or permanent mail forwarding. Maybe, you’re a home business owner that wants to keep your business away from your residential address or a small startup that wants to give its business a more professional image. You’ll need a virtual address away from home.

You might also be a full-time Rver that’s always exploring the road but need to sign urgent documents, like a job acceptance letter, university admission letter, or a visa mail with an expiration date.

Whether you file for a temporary or permanent USPS change of address, you’re committed to forwarding to that address only; this can be an inconvenience if you’re always on the go. Therefore, you need the service of a professional mail forwarding company.

Here, we offer you a virtual mailbox and address with a package or mailbox forwarding services nationwide or internationally with any carrier; no matter your mailing address, you don’t have to change your address again.


Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding services include permanent mail forwarding, professional mail forwarding, and international mail forwarding services. This service is offered by post offices and mail service providers, and it involves redirecting mail sent from one address to another, usually for a certain period.

Mail forwarding is used by different individuals – from home-based businesses, startups, travelers, digital nomads, RVers, and people living in remote locations.

Mail forwarding services in the USA are offered by USPS and private mailing companies like PostScan Mail.

Here in PostScan mail, we offer not only mail forwarding services but also mail delivery, mail scanning, virtual addresses, and lots more to make mailing easier and more convenient, including international mail forwarding service.

Importance Of Mail Forwarding Service (2)

Importance of Mail Forwarding Service

There are numerous advantages of mail forwarding; they include:

  • Guarantee your privacy
    Home business owners might want to keep their mailing business away from their residential addresses, and they’ll need to sign up for a virtual mailbox or office address. Collecting mail can be hard if their mailing providers are far away. But with mail forwarding, they can choose the important mail, and a mail carrier will deliver them to your doorstep.
  • Freedom to go wherever
    Most business owners engage in a lot of travel. While they’re away, they can still receive important mail; with a mail forwarding service, they don’t have to worry about missing any mail as all their parcels will be forwarded to them where ever they’re.
  • New home ≢ Lost Mails
    If you’ve changed your address for a short period, mail forwarding comes in handy as you’ll have all your mails forwarded to your new address.
  • Mail that tracks you down
    There are also cases where you’ll receive important mail that needs to be attended to, like a university admission or a job offer that you must sign within a certain period. With Mail forwarding, the mail will be easily redirected to you.

What is Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail forwarding service is the process of redirecting mails from one address to another. The United States Postal Service offers this service when individuals are away from their main address for a certain period.

Private mailing companies like PostScan Mail offer a more sophisticated mail forwarding service that allows you to simultaneously forward mails to different addresses. Also, this service goes in hand with our virtual mailbox. Therefore mail that you’ve previewed and think is important will be forwarded to you.

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What are the Benefits of a Mail Forwarding Service with PostScan Mail?

Package Forwarding Service

There are a lot of mail forwarding providers, but PostScan mail is inarguably the best mail forwarding service provider, considering its low pricing and unique features. Here are some of the benefits of mail forwarding service with PSM:

  • Domestic and International Forwarding Service: Whether you travel from Florida to California or from the US to another nation, Postscan mail can forward your mail to your location.
  • Forwarding Mail Schedule or Postpone: You schedule when you think it’s convenient to forward your mail to you; if any emergency comes up, you can easily reschedule your mail delivery, and we’ll gladly forward it.
  • Exclusive and Competitive Shipping Fees: If the shipping price has stopped you from using a mail forwarding service, then quickly sign up with Postscan mail, as we offer competitive shipping fees that you can’t find anywhere.
  • Virtual mailbox- online access all the time: With our virtual mailbox, you access your mail by logging into your account on any internet-enabled device, wherever you’re.
  • Top-notch mail scanning service of all your new mails: We scan new mails and send them to you, then you request the next line of action, whether to open, forward, recycle or archive it. Sign up and enjoy our mail scanning and mail forwarding service!
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Hit us whenever you’ve any problem or confusion. We’re there to solve your issued 24/7.
  • Free shredding & recycling service: No need to pay extra fees for shredding or recycling your mails, all is included in your monthly subscription!
  • Priority, first class, and efficient shipping available: We provide you with different shipping classes to meet your needs and forward your mails to your convenience.
  • Choose your preferred mail carrier: Not only USPS, but you can also choose UPS, FedEx, or any other mail carrier you want!
Mail Forwarding Why Psm

Why you should try PostScan Mail

  • We take your snail mail and transform it into a fully-managed, digital solution.
  • We receive mail and packages, scan the envelopes, send you notifications, and then you take action.
  • Choose to open, forward, archive, shred or recycle it.
  • You can even consolidate your packages for lower shipping fees.

Who Needs Mail Forwarding Service?

Remote Workers (3)

Remote Workers

You need a mail forwarding service; if you’re a business person that’s always on trips and want to be updated about your mails, then you need a mail forwarding service. Even if you’re away, you can still receive all mail at your address.

Digital Nomades (3)

Digital Nomades

If you’re a Rver, you’ll need a reliable mail forwarding service that can deliver your mails whatever you are

Homea Based Buisnesses (3)

Home-based Businesses

Home-based business owners that use virtual office addresses also need a mail forwarding service to get mails delivered to them

Frequent Traveler (3)

Frequent Traveler

If you change your address for a short time, you’ll need to sign up for a mail forwarding service to avoid missing any special packages while you’re away

How Can You Get Mail Forwarding Service?

With many mail-forwarding service providers, getting your mail forwarded has never been this easy! Here are the steps to getting a mail forwarding service:

1 (1)

Choose a reliable mail forwarding service provider like Postscan mail

2 (1)

Sign up with Postscan mail

3 (1)

Select a mailing address in the city and street of your choice

4 (1)

Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget

7 (1)

File for a change of address with USPS to redirect all your mails to the PSM mailing facility

6 (1)

Postscan mail will receive your mails and notify you via mail

5 (1)

Let us know where you want your mail to be forwarded.

How Do I Forward My Mail With PostScan Mail?


Choose Your Address

Select a plan and  PostScan Mail street addresses or PO Box. Then fill out the USPS Form 1583 and get it notarized with two forms of ID. When we receive your form, you can start getting mail at your new address!


View Your Mail

When your mail arrives, our trained operators take action!. We scan your mail, upload it to your mailbox, and an email notification is sent to you. Your mail is securely stored until you decide what to do next.


Manage Your Mail

Access your mail online through your smartphone or desktop then view the image of your mail and decide how you want it handled. You can request to open & scan, forward or shred & recycle. The power is in your hands!

PostScan Mail Forwarding VS USPS Mail Forwarding

Pricing of PO BOX

Usually, if you want to use a mailing address away from your residential or business address, you’ll sign up for a USPS Post office box which you’ll visit from time to time to check whether you’ve new mails. When you sign up for the PostScan mail Virtual box, you’ll not only be saved from the hassle of going to and from the post office but also have no limit to the number of mail that can be kept in your PO box. If you sign up for a medium post office box that costs $30, you’ll have to visit the post office to ensure it doesn’t overflow. But with a PSM virtual mailbox, you’ll handle your mail from the comfort of your room.


USPS mail forwarding can only forward your mail to one address at a time. If you want to forward it to another address, you must fill out the USPS change of address form again. Postscan mail can forward your mails to different addresses simultaneously, and you don’t have to apply for a change of address again. This is especially very convenient for digital nomads that are always moving.

What will be Forwarded

When using USPS mail forwarding, every mail you receive will be forwarded to the provided address. Imagine spending two more days in your location to receive irrelevant mail. With PostScan mail forwarding, you log in to your account and choose the mails worth forwarding.

Forwarding of Mails From other Carriers

USPS mail forwarding service only forward mails received through their postal service. If you receive packages from UPS, Amazon, FedEx, and other carriers, they won’t be forwarded to the new address. This can be a great inconvenience for avid shoppers. However, Postscan mail forwards mails and packages from all carriers, whether USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you’re a shopping enthusiast, the Postscan mail forwarding service is your ideal option.

How Mails are Forwarded

USPS will forward your mail individually. If you’re an RVer and want to move on, but you’ve three mails, you’ve to wait till each arrives, and if you don’t know the number of mail that has been sent to you – there’s a chance you moved on with your trip and left the mail stranded. If you use PSM as your mail forwarding service, schedule when and how your mail will be forwarded. You can order however many mail to be forwarded to your address at a time.

Flexible Mail Management:

With PostScan Mail, you have full control over your mail, allowing you to send or hold items at your convenience. Unlike USPS Hold Mail Service, which only allows you to pause mail delivery for a specific duration of 3-30 days, PostScan Mail empowers you to manage your mail according to your schedule, whether you’re away for a short trip or an extended period.

Extended Forwarding Options:

While USPS offers standard mail forwarding for up to 12 months with the option to extend for additional durations, PostScan Mail provides unparalleled flexibility in forwarding durations. You’re not limited to predefined time frames; instead, you can customize your forwarding preferences based on your specific needs. Whether you require forwarding for 6, 12, 18 months, or even longer, PostScan Mail ensures that your mail reaches you wherever you are, for as long as you need it.

what makes Post Scan mail is the best mail forwarding service

Mail Forwarding Service Highlights 1

Only Receive the Mail You DO Want

Never have your mail overflow again! Enjoy a professional mail handling service that gives you the benefits of throwing out the junk mail for you. PostScan mail receives your postal mail and forward your packages, scans the envelopes then uploads them to your online mailbox.

You can filter your mail according to your preferences and even choose to open and scan mail items, forward important mail or securely shred and recycle unwanted mail.

Mail Forwarding Service Highlights 2

Manage your postal mail 24/7 wherever you are

Unlike a traditional post office box, PostScan Mail gives you 24/7 access to your postal mail, anytime, anywhere.

All you need is to have your smartphone or computer connected to the internet. You’ll have a digital copy of all your mail, whenever you need it. Say goodbye to driving to your local Post Office!

Mail Forwarding Service Highlights 3

Mail Items Consolidation

Owning a virtual mailbox allows you to shop from anywhere in the world, with no restrictions to USPS mailing service. You can also forward mail to any address, delay shipping, or bundle items together.

You can choose which shipping carrier you prefer, find out the cost beforehand, and track packages until their arrival!

Mail Forwarding Service Highlights 4

Free Mail Storage

Never lose important mail again! With the best online mailbox, all opened mail is automatically archived. To put your mind at ease, all views and actions are recorded for future reference. So you can always get a scanned copy of important documents from your organized mailbox.

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As low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$10/m

  • Letters or Packages
    30 per month
  • Open & Scan *
  • Recipients


As low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/m

  • Letters or Packages
    60 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    10 per month
  • Recipients


As low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$60/mAs low as$65/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/m

  • Letters or Packages
    120 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    20 per month
  • Recipients
* Up to 10 pages, then $.25 cents per additional page.

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