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Receive your postal mail without having to visit your PostScan Mail address in person. We'll get rid of the junk mail for you and make sure you never miss any important mail again. It's time you sign up with PostScan Mail and start taking advantage of all the benefits you get with a virtual mailbox!

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Why you should try PostScan Mail

Receive mail and packages anywhere

PostScan Mail is a fully managed mail service solution that gives you the convenience of accessing your traditional snail mail digitally. PostScan Mail receives your postal mail, sends you a notification, and you then choose what action you want to take. Open and read, forward, pick up, or recycle and shred. You can even consolidate items/packages to save on shipping. Receive your postal mail and packages wherever you are! 

PostScan Mail Service Highlights

Only Receive the Mail You DO Want

Forward Important Mails Only

Never have your mail overflow again! Enjoy a professional mail handling service that gives you the benefits of throwing out the junk mail for you. PostScan mail receives your postal mail, scans the envelopes then uploads them to your online mailbox. You can filter your mail according to your preferences and even choose to open and scan mail items, forward important mail or securely shred and recycle unwanted mail.


Access Your Mail 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere

Check Postal Mails 24/7

Unlike a tradition post office box, PostScan Mail gives you access to your mail anytime, anywhere. All you need is to have a device that connects online. From now on, you'll have a digital copy of all your important documents everywhere you go.


Mail Items Consolidation

mail and package consolidationOwning a virtual mailbox is extremely convenient because it allows you to shop from various stores and get your packages delivered to your address. From there, you can forward your mail to anywhere and anyone, around the world. Ship, discard, hold and bundle items as needed. You can submit a request to ship from various carriers, figure out the estimated cost beforehand, and track every item to your door.

Free Storage of Mail Items

Free Physical Storage SpaceUsing a virtual mailbox has the added benefit of documenting all your mail automatically. Even better, every view and action is recorded for future reference and peace of mind. Getting a scanned copy of important statements and letters is a helpful way to organize your mail and retain it for future needs.


Create Account with US Address

Your Mail Arrives..

Once you create an account at PostScan Mail, your mail arrives to your new mailing address. We scan your mail and an email notification is sent
notifying you of your new mail. Your mail is securely stored at our facility until you decide what to do with it next.

Get notify by any mail or package arrival

Get a Notification..

When mail arrives addressed to your unique address at the facility, we notify you of its arrival, scan the front of the item, and make the image available to you online for review.

Request Scan or Forward or Shred

Determine what's next..

Access your mail online, review and decide how
you want the item handled. You can request to open & scan, shred, recycle or forward your mail and package deliveries. The power is in your hands!

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