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Ensure the safety of your packages and protect your identity with PostScan Mail’s 24-hour secured mail centers. Track the delivery of your packages and receive them in + 700 safe locations, providing peace of mind and convenience. Whether you’re on vacation or dealing with late-day deliveries, our services provide peace of mind, securely holding packages until your preferred pickup time. Contact us today to streamline your package receiving experience.

Manage your packages from anywhere 24/7

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Package Receiving Service: Secure Package Delivery Locations

The Package Receiving Service represents a significant advancement in delivery handling in a digitally driven and globalized world.

Traditional methods often leave packages vulnerable to theft or misplacement, but this service offers a secure solution.

It protects against theft and provides flexibility, catering to various schedules.

Recipients can easily track their deliveries and combine packages from different locations for secure storage or global dispatch.

Whether you’re a business looking to streamline operations or an individual seeking a more secure and flexible delivery option, this service meets the evolving needs of today’s fast-paced world.

Embrace the future of package reception, focusing on security, convenience, and efficiency in the digital age.

The Significance of Package Receiving Service for Individuals and Businesses

Explore how Package Receiving Service transforms package management, delivering security and efficiency for individuals and businesses.


For Individuals

Security and Peace of Mind:

Package Receiving Service ensures the safety of your parcels, mitigating the risk of theft or damage during delivery. It offers peace of mind, especially for valuable or time-sensitive items.


Flexibility in Delivery:

Individuals benefit from the flexibility to receive packages at a time that suits their schedule. They need not worry about missed deliveries or inconvenient drop-off times.


Efficient Management:

Easily track and manage your incoming packages through user-friendly platforms. This service minimizes the hassle of physical mail handling and provides transparency and control over your deliveries.


Cost Savings through Consolidation:

Utilizing the Package Receiving Service allows individuals to buy from different websites and consolidate shipments, enabling a one-time, cost-effective delivery. This feature mainly benefits those looking to save money on shipping fees.


For Businesses

Enhanced Professionalism:

Virtual business addresses provided by Package Receiving Services boost the credibility and professionalism of businesses. Presenting a prestigious address can positively impact client perceptions.


Streamlined Operations:

Businesses can streamline mailroom operations by relying on a Package Receiving Service. This reduces the burden on internal staff, allowing them to focus on core business activities.


Global Reach and Expansion:

Businesses can expand their reach by consolidating packages and delivering worldwide. This service facilitates seamless global operations and ensures packages are securely handled, regardless of the destination.


Customer Satisfaction:

Offering flexibility in delivery options enhances customer satisfaction. Businesses prioritizing efficient and secure package reception contribute to positive customer experiences and loyalty.

What is a Package Receiving Service?

A Package Receiving Service is a comprehensive solution that securely accepts, manages, and consolidates packages for individuals or businesses.

Instead of shipping them directly to your home or business, you can have them sent to PostScan Mail Centers.

The packages are received, securely stored, and kept in a designated area until you’re prepared to pick them up or ship them to any location.

This service enhances security, provides delivery flexibility, and offers additional features such as mail forwarding and virtual business addresses.

These attributes collectively make it an invaluable resource in today’s dynamic shipping landscape.

What Is Package Receiving Service

What are the Benefits of Package Receiving Service With PostScan Mail?

Discover a world of convenience and security with Package Receiving Service. From secure package handling to global delivery flexibility, explore the myriad benefits of reshaping the landscape of modern package management for individuals and businesses.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a virtual business address with PostScan Mail:

Secure Package Handling

Secure Package Handling

Ensure the safety of your deliveries with a secure system that protects against theft or damage.

Convenient Delivery Schedules

Convenient Delivery Schedules:

Enjoy flexibility by receiving packages at a time that aligns with your schedule, eliminating worries about inconvenient drop-offs.

Effortless Package Oversight

Effortless Package Oversight

Easily track and manage incoming packages through user-friendly platforms, providing transparency and control.

Cost Effective Consolidation

Cost-Effective Consolidation

Save on shipping fees by consolidating packages from various locations into a single, cost-effective delivery.

Professional Image For Businesses

Professional Image for Businesses

Virtual business addresses enhance professionalism, positively influencing client perceptions.

Efficient Mailroom Operations

Efficient Mailroom Operations

Streamline internal operations by outsourcing mailroom tasks, allowing staff to focus on core business activities.

Global Operations Simplified

Global Operations Simplified

Consolidate and deliver packages globally, supporting seamless international operations and secure handling.

Customer Delight

Customer Delight

Offer flexible delivery options to enhance customer satisfaction, contributing to positive experiences and loyalty.

Who Needs a Package Receiving Service?

Shop Online From Usa

Online Shoppers

Online shoppers, especially those who frequently buy from international retailers, find package receiving service invaluable. It extends access to global markets and a more comprehensive array of products and services worldwide. With consolidation services, multiple packages can be combined into one shipment, reducing shipping costs. Plus, the service offers cost-effective shipping options that save money and provide real-time package tracking for convenience and peace of mind. Online shoppers benefit from a more straightforward and secure process of receiving packages from international sellers without needing a local address. 

Business Owners

Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, particularly of an LLC or any other business entity, Package receiving service is a vital resource. This service offers a virtual address that ensures your business receives mail and packages securely. This not only grants your business enhanced privacy but also the flexibility to register your business at any location. It’s an indispensable asset for managing your business’s logistics and maintaining a professional image.

Frequent Traveler (3)

Frequent Travelers

For those who are constantly on the move, package receiving service is a game-changer. It provides a virtual PO box with a street address, offering an effective way to guarantee that you never miss a crucial package or document, even while traveling. With this service, you can have your mail and packages sent to a secure location, providing you with the peace of mind you need when you’re away from your primary address.

Remote Workers Seeking Security And Convenience

Remote Workers

Many individuals require a secure and efficient method for receiving their mail and packages. Package receiving service comes to the rescue by offering a virtual PO box, ensuring security and convenience. You can manage your mail professionally, eliminating the need for physical pickups. This not only simplifies your remote work experience but also helps you stay focused on your tasks rather than the logistics of mail reception.

Home Owners

Homeowners Seeking Privacy

For homeowners who value privacy and prefer not to disclose their residential address publicly, package receiving service is an excellent solution. Using a virtual PO box, you can keep your home address confidential while ensuring the seamless delivery of your mail and packages. It’s the perfect way to balance privacy and convenience.


Freelancers and Independent Professionals

Freelancers often struggle to receive essential mail and packages for their work, especially when they lack a permanent address. Package receiving service is the answer to this dilemma. It provides the security and convenience that freelancers need to focus on their projects without the added concern of mail management. It’s an essential tool that helps independent professionals streamline their business operations.

Why You Should Try PostScan Mail?

  • Since 2012, PostScan Mail has been leading the way in online virtual PO box services and mailroom management software.
  • Our digitally powered network of virtual PO boxes is the largest and fastest-growing network, with over 700 addresses across the U.S. and abroad.
  • PostScan Mail offers the most virtual PO box features and has earned the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
  • PostScan Mail has an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.9.

PostScan Mail Package Receiving Service vs. USPS Package Forwarding Service

Consolidate packages to save on re-shippingYesNo*Add phone forwarding or voice mail messagingYesNo*Securely store documents in the cloud. 2 GB free storage.YesNo*Discard or shred unwanted itemsYesNo*Deposit checks by emailYesNo*

What do you get PostScan Mail USPS
Scope of Services PostScan Mail offers comprehensive package receiving services, including secure storage, consolidation, and mail forwarding. It caters to diverse needs, such as package acceptance for businesses, individuals, and those seeking global shipping solutions. USPS Package Forwarding Service primarily focuses on redirecting domestic shipments that haven’t been delivered, allowing customers to reroute packages to a different address or hold them at a local Post Office.
Global Reach With a network of stores, Pak Mail provides a global reach, allowing customers to receive and forward packages internationally. USPS Package Forwarding primarily operates within the United States and may have limitations for international shipments.
Virtual Addresses often provides virtual business addresses, enhancing professionalism and privacy for businesses and individuals USPS Package Forwarding may not offer virtual addresses, and the service is typically tied to existing USPS addresses.
Package Size and Weight PostScan Mail’s package receiving services generally accept packages of various sizes and weights, accommodating a wide range of shipments. USPS Package Forwarding has certain limitations on package size and weight, and additional fees may apply for larger or heavier items.
Convenience PostScan Mail’s services are designed for convenience, providing options for secure storage, efficient consolidation, and user-friendly tracking. USPS Package Forwarding can be convenient for redirecting packages, but it may require customers to visit a local Post Office for package pickup or redirection.
Cost Structure PostScan Mail s pricing may vary based on the specific services utilized, such as package consolidation and international shipping. USPS Package Forwarding may have fees associated with the service, including redirection charges.

What Makes PostScan Mail is the Best Package Receiving Service?

Extensive Address Ranges

Extensive Address Ranges

PostScan Mail does it better with five times as many real street addresses compare to any other competitor. PostScan Mail offers real street addresses that are professional and reliable for your (personal-business) needs. Pick from 700 mailing addresses to suit your preference.

Multi User Functionalities

Multi-User Functionalities

PostScan Mail is a great option for businesses with multiple users. They offer categorization and permissions to allow team members to access the packages based on their roles.



PostScan Mail keeps you notified 24/7. They send regular emails and push notifications when new packages arrive, so you don’t miss any important correspondence.



Mail theft and fraud can be a concern, but PostScan Mail makes sure your information is secure. They provide an encrypted connection and shred unwanted mails to protect your privacy.

Easy Management

Easy Management

With PostScan Mail, you can manage your packages from anywhere, anytime. Access, view, forward, and shred packages all from a user-friendly online platform.

Affordable Plans

Affordable Plans

PostScan Mail offers affordable plans that start at just $10.

Shop Online From Usa

Shop Online from U.S. Stores

International shoppers, foreigners, and travelers rejoice! This is for you. Shop your favorite U.S. brands online and enjoy a seamless, affordable shipping service. Whether the vendor doesn’t ship internationally or multiple shipments can be pricey, we have you covered.

Package Consolidation For Saving

Package Consolidation for Savings

Send your packages to one of our locations, and we’ll bundle them into a single package and ship them. This will not only guarantee lower shipping fees but also ensure you receive all your purchases together!

How does Package Receiving Service Works?

Choose Address

Choose the Address

Sign up for PostScan Mail and tailor your experience by selecting the delivery location address. With over 700 locations across the United States,. Complete the USPS Form 1583, notarize it with two photo IDs, and once we receive your form, all your packages seamlessly redirect to your new address.

View Your Package

View Your Package

When your package arrives, our trusted mail operators take swift action. Your package undergoes scanning and is promptly uploaded to your online mailbox. Simultaneously, an email notification is dispatched to you. Rest assured, we prioritize the security of your mail, keeping it safeguarded until you decide the next steps.

Manage Your Package

Manage Your Package

Effortlessly manage your package without the need to visit our facility or the post office. Simply log in to your account from any internet-enabled device, granting you ultimate control over your package. Choose from various options like requesting opening, scanning, forwarding, shredding, or recycling. With PostScan Mail, you have 100% control over the fate of your package, all at your fingertips.

Package Receiving Service Price Plans


As low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$10/m

  • Letters or Packages
    30 per month
  • Open & Scan *
  • Recipients


As low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/m

  • Letters or Packages
    60 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    10 per month
  • Recipients


As low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$60/mAs low as$65/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/m

  • Letters or Packages
    120 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    20 per month
  • Recipients
* Up to 10 pages, then $.25 cents per additional page.

Virtual Mailbox

Discover Digital Mailbox service for a professional and secure mail management solution, with fully and easily controlled mail available 24/7

Starting at $10/ month

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Virtual Business Address

Expand your business globally with ease using PostScan Mail’s Virtual Business Address service, offering over 700 real street addresses worldwide.

Starting at $10/ month

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Digital Mailroom

Explore our Digital Mailroom for efficient enterprise mail management and a professional business image with over 700 global locations

Starting at $100/ month

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