Virtual Offices And Business Address

Virtual Offices and Business Address

Secure your spot in the market without spending money on expensive physical address rental. Your virtual office address will polish your professional image to use on your website or social media platforms.

Handle your postal mail and packages remotely through your virtual mailbox on your smart device.

A virtual business address is a cost-efficient solution for your business. Whether you’re a business owner, or entrepreneur, with a home-based business, startup or online business.

Psm Virtual Address

PostScan Mail Virtual Address

PostScan Mail ensures that all of the virtual addresses are located in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. to help your business reach a wider market.

offering a unique mail forwarding service, allowing you to forward mail to any address with no restrictions.

Receive mail from all carriers; USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL with a 7-days free physical storage space for your packages from their arrival; For lower shipping fees, your packages are consolidated.

PostScan Mail cares about your business needs, so we’ve created a virtual mailing address for you starting at $10 per month.

What is a
Virtual Business Address?

virtual business address with a real street address for your office is the smart mail management today.
It facilitates secure and faster handling of mails plus other benefits for businesses offices and personal use.
Keeps the home address private in ads and correspondence.

For instance, no matter how often you travel, you can retain a permanent secure location for all your post mail. Also, multiple users can use a single address while maintaining control over their correspondence.


Virtual Business Address What Is

Manage 24 7

Manage your postal mail 24/7

For travelers and people always on-the-go, accessing your mail online can be a great benefit.

See photos of envelopes and packages with details including sender, type of item, description, weight, and dimensions, via your online virtual mailbox with 24/7 access.

You also stay in control at all times. From deciding when to open and scan your mail to choosing whether to forward, pick up, shred, or recycle mail and packages.

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Innovative solutions to receive Mail and Packages

Get a prestigious business address, and give your businesses a professional image.
You can even assign several users and recipients to your digital mailbox.

With our secure and convenient mail and packages handling, bring together your small packages into one to reduce expenses or store essential items and postal mail until you decide what to do with them

Real Us Mailing Address

Real US & International Mailing Addresses

You have the option to choose between Real US & International Mailing Addresses, not just P.O. Boxes.

Use this virtual address for your business to be used on your business cards, company website and marketing materials for a more prestigious image.

Get current, competitive shipping rates and consolidate your small packages into one to reduce your costs.


There is nothing like privacy

Trust is always a natural concern for most of the people who first learn about virtual mail services and are unfamiliar with PostScan Mail.

PostScan Mail offers several layers of protection including on-site cameras, locked down mail processing rooms, secure data centers, and encryption of files.

At PostScan Mail, your mail is delivered to our secured operations center and processed according to your requests only.

Our specialized, trained mail operators let you dictate how you want to manage your mail. The security of your mail is our responsibility.

Virtual Business Address Special Storage

Special storage: keep your packages safe

With a virtual address, you can store your packages or have them forwarded to any destination.

PostScan Mail physical mail storage is an ideal benefit for frequent travelers, small business owners, or busy professionals.

We scan the packages for you and its content, and you decide whether to forward or store it.
Your packages are always safe!

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As low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$10/m

  • Letters or Packages
    30 per month
  • Open & Scan *
  • Recipients


As low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/m

  • Letters or Packages
    60 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    10 per month
  • Recipients


As low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$60/mAs low as$65/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/m

  • Letters or Packages
    120 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    20 per month
  • Recipients
* Up to 10 pages, then $.25 cents per additional page.

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