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Small business owners, startups, and home-based businesses often struggle to control the cost of operation, maintain a steady workflow, and build strong customer relationships.

Do you have to rent a big office in a big city to have a reputable address? Or should you use your home address to save expenses? Unfortunately, both aren’t the right solution.

Your Solution Here Is a Virtual Address for LLC.

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Virtual Office Address and Virtual Address for LLC

A virtual office address is a real address at a mail center or in a reputable office building where businesses can choose to receive their mails and packages.

A virtual office address can serve as your company’s mailing address and a mailbox where you receive all your mails and packages.

A virtual address for LLC is a physical location that receives your packages and mails and serves as the official address for your business. It allows you to have a physical presence in the city of your choice without the bulgy price of renting a space and furnishing it.

Importance Of Virtual Office And Virtual Address For Llc

The Importance of Virtual Office and Virtual Address for LLC

You may be wondering if it’s time for you to join the trend of virtual addresses. Here are an e few ways your business will thrive when you get a virtual address for LLC;

  • A virtual business address will give your business a good image as a first impression. Especially if you’re trying to make a name for your business, a virtual address for LLC will offer you the best picture of perfection.
  • It gives you the ability to access your emails from anywhere. The virtual address is the perfect option if you want to work remotely from any location.
  • The virtual address is more environmentally friendly than a traditional office. There’s no need to wake up early and run to catch a train to your office. Rather you’ll be at home and access your office anytime you want.
  • A virtual address gives you a commercial address that will ensure your business stays separate from your personal life, even if you’re running a home-based business.
  • You can use your virtual address to receive packages and mails from different couriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL..

What is a Virtual Address for LLC?

A virtual address for an LLC is a real physical address that you give your business a professional business address without the cost of a physical office.  This allows you to project a credible image and establish a presence in desirable locations, facilitating global expansion at minimal expense.

Virtual address services also handle your business mail and packages.  You can access and manage them securely online,  deciding whether to have them scanned and forwarded electronically, physically forwarded to your desired location, or securely shredded. This empowers you to manage your business mail from anywhere in the world.

Keeps the home address private in ads and correspondence.

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Features of Virtual Address for LLC with PostScan Mail

Below are the general features of virtual address for LLC with Postscan mail;

Virtual Po Box Privacy


The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they first hear about virtual mail services is can I trust postScan mail?

PostScan has security and privacy features like encryption of files, on-site cameras, locked mail processing rooms, and secured data centers.

At PostScan Mail, your mails are delivered to secured centers and are processed according to your request. You have the full right to dictate how we manage your mail, and we take the security of your mail as a top priority.

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Real US and International Addresses:

This isn’t like PO Box where you’ve limited choices. In PostScan Mail, we offer you a wide option between local and international addresses.

Our virtual address can be used on business cards, the company’s website and marketing to attract a more prestigious image.

For Individuals 10

Innovative Solution to Receive Mails and Packages

With our prestigious virtual address, you can give several users and recipients access to your mailbox. This will ease operations in your business, as many hands will be able to attend mails simultaneously. 
Also, we offer secured and convenient mail and package handling. We bring together small packages into one to reduce fees and store important mail and items until you decide when and what to do with them.

Manage 24 7

Manage Your Postal Mail 24/7

If you’re a traveler or an always-on-the-go person, accessing your emails online is a huge convenience.

You can access your mailbox 24/7 and see photos of envelopes and packages together with the name and address of the sender as well as the type of item, its weight, and other descriptions.

You’re always in control of your mails and packages. For example, you decide when to open and scan emails and when to forward, shred or recycle them.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Address for an LLC With PostScan Mail?

PostScan mail is a similar virtual service but better than most local online mailboxes. They offer mail services regarding handling your mails regarding receiving, scanning, and forwarding your mails and packages. Below are some of the benefits of using a virtual address for LLC with PostScan;

  • It provides you with ultimate management of all your mails online. You can access it anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • They scan all your mails and packages and upload them to your virtual mailbox for you to access. You can request an open and scan to get the content of your mail scanned and sent to you.
  • PostScan Mail offers an excellent mail forwarding service. You can easily forward mails and packages to any address you wish, whether locally or internationally.
  • PostScan offers mail and package forwarding service at a discounted shipping price.
  • Unlike PO box addresses that can only receive mails and packages via USPS, PostScan virtual address enables you to receive mails from different couriers like USP, DHL, FedEx, and others.
  • The company has over 700 real street addresses in most of the big cities of the US, such as New York, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Geneve, and others.
  • PostScan Mail offers free shredding and recycling of invoices, bank statements, and other documents you don’t need physically. They’ll dispose of these documents securely.
  • PostScan Virtual Adress for LLC allows you to access your postal mail from the comfort of your room; all you need is an internet connection.
  • Utilizing PostScan Mail’s virtual address for your LLC streamlines the process of opening a bank account by providing a legitimate physical address that meets bank requirements, enhancing convenience and efficiency in managing business banking needs.

Who needs a virtual address for LLC?

Solo Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Solo Professionals & Entrepreneurs

A virtual address can be helpful if you are trying to avoid the cost of renting or maintaining a business location if you are trying to avoid the cost of hiring.

Someone to receive mail and packages at your home or place of work if you are trying to avoid the cost of maintaining separate business records for your place of work if you are trying to keep some privacy regarding where you live.

Small Medium Size Businesses And Startups2

Small-Medium Size Businesses and Startups

Virtual addresses are used by small-medium size businesses and startups to make their business more credible.

A virtual address is a mailing address that is not a physical one. It can be an address of a coworking space or any other place where the company has access to send and receive mail.


Companies Looking to Establish a Presence in Other Cities

Virtual addresses are a great way to establish a presence in other cities. They are an easy and cost-effective way to expand your business.

One of the easiest ways for companies to expand is by establishing a presence in other cities without having to move their physical location.

Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

Some people only need a virtual address for their LLC if they are in a business that is not location-specific.

For example, if you own an online clothing store, you would need a virtual address because you don’t have to be at your company’s physical location.

How Do You Create a Virtual Address?

The steps to creating a Virtual LLC address for your business are very easy and straightforward. But it’s important you first figure out the type of address you want and where it will be located.
Here are the steps:


 #1 Find a Trustworthy Service Provider


#2 Select the Plan That Fits Your Need and Budget

Sign Up

#3 Sign Up With Postscan Mail

Send Form

#4 Send a Notarize 3 Forms and 2 Forms of ID

Change Address

#5 Do a Change of Address With USPS

Virtual addresses are more legitimate and credible than PO box addresses, especially if you have an LLC. 

You surely value privacy, and the best privacy you need here is to separate your business from your personal life as much as possible. But, of course, this highly depends on the address you 

choose for your business.

How to Register Virtual address for LLC with PostScan Mail?

Sign Up

1. Sign Up

When Sign Up with us, You’ll receive a real street address in the US. You can use this address for mailing purposes and an address to display on your business cards, the company’s website, and adverts.

Fill Out The Form2

2. Fill Out the Form

Mail fraud is increasing at an alarming rate in the US. Ensuring the security and privacy of customers is our top priority at PostScan mail. Completing the 1583 Form will allow us to receive and process mails and packages on your behalf.

Access Your Mail

3. Access Your Mail

Anytime, Anywhere: There’s no need for you to rush to the post office, follow a long queue, and find an empty PO box. It sucks! With a PostScan Mail, all you’ve to do is check your mails online and carry out actions by simply clicking on buttons.

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Virtual Address for LLC Pricing Plans


As low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$10/m

  • Letters or Packages
    30 per month
  • Open & Scan *
  • Recipients


As low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/m

  • Letters or Packages
    60 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    10 per month
  • Recipients


As low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$60/mAs low as$65/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/m

  • Letters or Packages
    120 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    20 per month
  • Recipients
* Up to 10 pages, then $.25 cents per additional page.

Virtual Address for LLC Frequently Asked Questions

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