Offer Virtual Mailbox Services

Scan mail & Upload


Scan envelopes, packages, magazines and postcards using any mobile device, tablet or document scanner.

Email notification postal mail notification


Upload scanned mail item images to the PostScan Mail cloud for keying and assignment.

Mail handling request


An email notification is then sent to your customer so they can request operations like open & scan, forward or recycle. 

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PostScan Mail gives you the ability to offer virtual mailbox services to your customers, our software can be used to scan and upload mail, packages, magazines and postcards to the cloud!

There are no upfront capital investments and we offer simple flat-rate pricing, training and automated mailbox renter billing.

Sign up today, and get customers tomorrow.

Our Advantage


Online Listing

Get published on our website and customers will start signing up. 

Easy Setup

Use your existing document scanners to scan images of mail items and packages.

Cloud Based

Our software is cloud based and allows you to manage all of your customer requests online.

No Capital Investment

Zero start-up costs and no monthly minimums. You can cancel anytime.

Automated Billing

We will automatically invoice and bill your customers for their subscription fees. 

Simple Pricing

We charge a revenue share per customer and send you an electronic deposit at the end of the month.