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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by consumers about PostScan Mail Services

PostScan Mail offers easy and efficient solutions for individuals and businesses who want to manage their postal mail online. We scan postal mail and then alert customers of its arrival, eliminating the need to constantly monitor your mail and package deliveries.

Our company enables people to manage their postal mail remotely from any location with complete security. Our automated system sends an image of all mail items directly to your digital mailbox. You can then determine how each item should be handled.

We give you complete control over your mail deliveries online and this eliminates the time-consuming hassle of dealing with junk mail or sorting through piles of paper.

You can choose one of our nationwide mailing addresses ranging from Los Angeles to New York, a real US mailing address that can be used for either personal or business use.

We’ve worked hard to build a feature-packed and user-friendly online mail management system; users can choose to view their mail, request to open and scan, shred, recycle or even forward their mail anywhere in the world.

PostScan Mail Services is a company that provides Mail & Packages Forwarding Service, Virtual PO Box Service, Virtual Business Address & Virtual Address for LLC Service, and Virtual Mailbox.

You can get our service by visiting our locations and selecting your plan.


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We are starting at $10/month. Sign up in 60 seconds! Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. Try PostScan Mail now! Risk-Free.
You can get our Price Plan by visiting our Pricing Page and selecting your plan.

We all know that many mail forwarding services are available in the market. But, none of them can provide you with the quality and reliability of PSM mail forwarding service. There are many reasons for this, but we will mention a few of them below:

►PostScan Mail service is the best solution for your mail forwarding needs because it provides you with a reliable and efficient mailing address in any country.


►PostScan Mail service has a team of customer service representatives available 24/7 to take care of your needs. They are always happy to answer any queries or doubts you might have about our services.


►PostScan Mail service has many years of experience providing mailing addresses to people worldwide, so they know what they’re doing!

Manage postal mail online from your virtual mailbox with a real US street address. Check your mail and packages anytime, anywhere by any device, with PostScan Mail Virtual Mailbox.

PostScan Mail offers the PO Box with street address service for both individuals and business owners. In one swoop,  you get a cloud-based mailbox, a prestigious address, and automated mail services.

Manage postal mail online with our Virtual PO box Service. Choose from +200 real mailing addresses. Access, view, forward, and shred mails 24/7 from anywhere.

A virtual business address is a cost-efficient solution for your business, whether you’re a business owner, or entrepreneur, with a home-based business, startup, or online business.

PostScan Mail ensures that all virtual addresses are located in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., to help your business reach a broader market.

Get a prestigious Virtual Business Address from 200+ US business addresses with very affordable pricing plans for your virtual business office.

All of PostScan Mail’s real street addresses accept mail and packages on your behalf and can be used as a forwarding address for your packages. When your package arrives at one of our locations, you will get a notification with a scan of the shipping label. You can then log into your virtual mailbox and forward it locally or internationally.

Manage your international shopping and packages online with affordable Package Forwarding options anywhere in the world. Competitive shipping rate & free storage!

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