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3 Ways to Get Your Business off the Ground

Start Your Business

Opening a business is an extremely exciting time. Perhaps you have been working at a company your whole career and are ready to branch off on your own. Maybe you and some friends decided to open a brewery together after years of being interested. Regardless of what industry you are in, or why you go into business, therein lies a major challenge for every business owner: getting off the ground. Many people can flip a sign from “Closed” to “Open” or proclaim they own a business, but the statistics regarding it are stark, over 20% of new businesses fail in their first year.

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The Ultimate Guide to Rent a PO Box

USPS PO Box Cost

USPS PO Box Cost

Renting a PO Box can be the most convenient mail solution for anyone looking into easier mail handling. It specifically targets travelers, ex-pats, home-based businesses, or remote area residents, offering them easy access to their postal mail. 

You’re able to pick up your mail from a safe destination and you’re provided with a stable address, no matter how many times you move or travel.

It can save you a lot of trouble and money but before you go rushing to the Post Office to get yours, there are a few things you should know.

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Does the registered agent differ from a virtual mailing address?

Registered Agent

If you’re running a home-based business, LLC, or corporation – you’re most likely going to need a registered agent. But for businesses in remote areas that don’t easily get postal mail or home-based businesses that don’t want to post their address in public records, you’ll need a virtual mailing address as well.

Having two separate addresses for business can be frustrating because you’ll be receiving important mail at both addresses. We’re going to go through the details of having a registered agent and a virtual mailing address, and most importantly, if you can use just one address for both.

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How to Run Your Business without a Permanent Address

remote work

Online and home-based businesses are a huge success nowadays; needing an office to launch a business or make it big is no longer the case! With online leaders like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, it’s clear that working on your online presence is what’s important.

With consumers being on their phones and online almost 4 hours a day, businesses have found ways to meet the recent consumer needs with a website or mobile application.

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Top 10 Online Shopping Websites for Black Friday 2019

Best Online Shops For Black Friday

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, followed by Black Friday, you’re probably being bombarded with newsletters, ads, and notifications from various stores with their new sales. This can get overwhelming because everyone joins in on Black Friday discounts and they usually extend throughout the whole month, so how do you choose where to shop?

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