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It serves as an essential guide for anyone expecting a package that has been forwarded for several reasons.

Whether due to a move, an address error, or any other circumstance requiring mail rerouting, this comprehensive piece sheds light on what happens behind the scenes of postal services and courier companies.

It empowers readers with the knowledge to track their items successfully and manage their expectations regarding delivery times and processes.

The post aims to demystify the complexities of package forwarding and ensure that readers are well-equipped to handle any issues with their deliveries.

Does USPS Forward Packages?

USPS forwards packages just like it forwards mail. When you move out of your mailing address, USPS can help redirect your packages to your new address. This doesn’t change your mailing address; it only redirects your packages. 

If you need to update your sender about your new address, USPS will help you forward your packages to the correct address if you’ve applied for a change of address with them.


How to Forward Your USPS Package

If you’re moving, you’ll need to submit either a permanent or temporary change of address so that all your packages will be rerouted to your new address.  

It’s recommended you apply for the USPS package beforehand. Though package forwarding can begin within 3 days of submitting a request, allowing up to a week or two is best. 

However, standard mail forwarding only forwards first-class mail. Therefore, if you want to forward your packages, the ideal option for you is premium mail forwarding.

You can change your address at a local post office or online. Here’s how to do it:

  •     Visit the USPS change of address website 
  •     Select the type of package forwarding you want to apply for – temporary or permanent.
  •     Pay an identity verification fee of $1.10
  •     Complete the change of address form
  •     You’ll receive a confirmation code via your email. Use it to confirm or delete your request.
  •     You’ll receive a welcome kit with coupons at your new address from USPS
  •     All your packages and mail will be rerouted to the new address


How to track your USPS package?

There are many ways you can retrieve your tracking number.

  • You can find it on the peel-off label on the bottom of your package
  • From the email confirmation you receive from the store you’ll also receive the tracking number via email if you’re shipping with USPS.
  • You can also get the tracking number from the post office shipping receipt and use it on the USPS website to track your package.
  • You can also sign up for an account with USPS for automatic tracking, where you will receive emails or text alerts updating you on your package status.


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What does a forwarded status mean?

package forwarded status indicates that a parcel, initially directed to one address, has been redirected to a different destination.

This status often appears in a package’s tracking information when there has been a change in the delivery address after the shipment was already in transit or when the carrier identifies an error in the provided address details that necessitates rerouting.

This can result from an address correction initiated by the sender, the recipient, or the carrier to ensure the package reaches the correct location.


What does Forwarded for Delivery Mean?

Suppose the status of your package shows ‘forwarded for delivery.’ Congratulations, as your package will soon be delivered to your doorstep. It’s probably in the local depot waiting to be handed to the mailman.


Why would a package be forwarded?

There are a few reasons as to why USPS would forward your package.

1- Wrong Postal Code

The most common of them is an incorrect zip code/ postal code. One wrong digit out of the five changes the whole address.

2- You Applied for USPS Change of Address

Another reason your mail would be forwarded is if you applied for a USPS change of address so your mail and packages will start to be forwarded to the new address instead.

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If you did not apply for a change of address, then possibly a family member or friend who moved out accidentally changed your address.

However, if you apply for a change of address and move while making the order, the package may be delivered to the old address and forwarded to the new one.

Your package tracking number will remain the same even after the package has been forwarded, so you won’t need to worry about a new one.

Contact your post office immediately to find out why your package is being forwarded so you can start taking action.


What to do now?

If your package was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address due to a different zip code, the post office may try to handle the situation and retrieve your package by scheduling a pick-up if the correspondence is cooperative.

If they are not friendly or deny receiving anything, you can open a lost package case with the post office and contact your sender to look into getting a refund or resending the package.

If the package were insured, you’d get your package to resent. If not, you may need to repay the shipping fees or, in some cases, repay for the product all over again.

This process consumes a lot of time and possibly a good amount of money. It is best to always confirm the correct address with the sender before any deliveries.

In the case of someone moving out recently, you might want to check with them at their new address if they’ve received anything, which happens often.


How can you forward mail?

You must apply for a change of address in order to receive mail regularly at your new address.

You can either head to your nearest Post Office and fill out a change of address form or do it online with a small fee of $1, saving you the trip to the Post Office.

USPS offers two different types of forwarding services. Regular forward mail is the first and allows you to permanently update your address if you’re moving for good. You can also apply for a temporary move for 15 days to 6 months.

Then there’s the premium forwarding service, where USPS holds your mail and ships it to you weekly via priority mail services.


How to avoid this from happening again?

Confirming the correct address, especially the zip code, with the sender is vital when expecting any packages. Also, if anyone is moving out, confirm with them that they individually change their address, not the whole family.

Lastly, if you apply for a change of address, be sure to watch for mail that may arrive at your old address. USPS will forward all your mail to your new address for the first 10–15 days.  


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