Mail Scanning Service of PostScan Mail

Mail Scanning Service of PostScan Mail


Enjoy PostScan Mail’s top-notch scanning service for all your postal mail. Using state-of-the-art scanners, experienced operators send you crisp black & white scanned images of envelopes of your mail and packages that arrive at our secure facilities. You’ll receive instant scans with all your new mail. Once you send in an opening request, we will scan the inside content for you to archive, download or print. With our prestige virtual PO box, you never need to deal with junk mail or an overflown mailbox again! 


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The Modern Alternative to Traditional Mail Handling

The Mail Scanning Service from PostScan Mail is a convenient and time-saving solutions for our users. If you hate wasting your time on visiting your PO Box to fetch your mail and more time on checking piles of postal mail that might not be important, then our mail scanning service is what you are looking for.

Imagine your mail being filtered and scanned, you receive notifications when mail arrives and you spend your time checking only the items that are worthy of your attention. Wouldn’t that be great?

With the modern busy lifestyle we have, rushing to the post office box to find useless letters can be very frustrating. If you travel around a lot, then checking your PO Box would only be inconvenient. And if you considered Changing Your Address then the destination of your letters will be a major concern.

Say no more to dusty letters. PostScan Mail will rid you of all of these concerns. Once your mail reachs PostScan Mail facility, it will be scanned and you will receive an online notification. PostScan Mail allows you to skim through the contents of your mailbox from anywhere in the world.


You can define actions to be applied to specific mail items in advance through our smart filters, which will allow you to manage the flow of incoming mail even before you receive it. Once you get the notification and check the contents of your mailbox, you can decide whether the facility should store your letters, destroy them, or forward them immediately to you.

  • No more wasting your time on sorting letters
  • We can forward your letters to you anywhere you want
  • Recycle or shred unwanted mail items with a click of a button
  • Stop worrying about your mail when you are away
  • Only upon your request, we scan the contents of your letters


PostScan Mail provides a remarkable virtual mailbox service. Sign up now for a one-month free trial from PostScan Mail. We guarantee this is a service you would benefit from. Whether you are a business-owner or an individual, enjoy our mail forwarding service and choose from twenty-seven street addresses nationwide. Get a remarkable virtual mailroom to boost your business. Join PostScan Mail because you deserve the best virtual mail service.


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