1 Virtual Mailbox (1)
00 Virtual Mailbox

Virtual Mailbox

Our industry-leading virtual mailbox allows you to view and manage your mail and package deliveries online. Whether you are looking to receive a few personal mail items or thousands of letters and packages, our system and global network of locations can quickly receive your mail items and scan them into your virtual mailbox account. PostScan Mail will allow you to view your inbound mail items from any web-enabled device.

Once you’ve signed up online and selected a virtual mailing address, you will have access to the online system which will allow you to view your mail and package deliveries. The virtual mailing address is a real physical street address that you can actually walk into, so you can use this address to receive both your personal or business mail. One caveat is you will have to distribute the mailing address to your senders or file a USPS change-of-address form so that mail is rerouted to us and begins to appear within your online virtual mailbox account.

2 Mail Forwarding (1)
001 Open Scan Service

Mail Forwarding

With PostScan Mail’s mail forwarding service, you will have the option to forward your physical mail items to wherever you are. Simply provide us with your shipping address and choose your preferred shipping method from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, or Canada Post and we will pack your mail items and forward them directly to you anywhere in the US or internationally.

With each shipment, our system will automatically validate your shipping address to ensure the shipment is successfully delivered to its final destination. You will be able to monitor all of your outgoing mail including the shipment methods selected, shipping costs, and real-time tracking information.

3 Mail Scanning (1)

Mail Scanning

Once mail items are delivered to your virtual mailbox account, you will have the option to open and scan the mail items. Our trained operators will open the mail item, scan the contents, and upload it to your online virtual mailbox account. You will be able to view the scanned content, including the ability to print the document, download a PDF, or forward a copy via email.

Scanned content will be saved within your virtual mailbox account and you can then request to forward, recycle, shred, or pick up the physical mail items. Scanned content will be automatically saved in the online archive within the virtual mailbox account and you will have the option to either keep the digital copies or permanently delete them.

4 Package Management (1)
Package Management

Package Management

You can use your PostScan Mail account to receive packages, we will scan the outside of the package label, measure the dimensions, and record the weight. We can receive packages from all major carriers or delivery companies and can store them securely within our location. Once packages are received, we will send you an email notification and you will be able to log into your account and view all of your inbound packages.

You will have the option to either pick up the packages or ship them packages individually, you can choose to consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment. If you choose to consolidate multiple packages, we will combine them into a new box and provide you with an updated weight and dimensions. Consolidated packages will result in lower shipping costs.

If you are an e-commerce business looking for a cost-effective package fulfillment solution or if you are looking for a secure address to receive your packages to avoid porch piracy, this could be the solution for you.

5 Secure Shredding (1)
Secure Shredding

Secure Shredding

Protect your privacy and sensitive information with our secure shredding services. Safely dispose of unwanted mail items by requesting secure shredding, ensuring that confidential details remain protected.

If you receive unwanted junk mail, you can choose to recycle it at no additional cost, however, if you receive mail items with confidential information that require shredding, our shredding service is offered at a nominal fee in addition to your monthly subscription.

6 Mail Storage (1)
Mail Storage

Mail Storage

Keep your physical mail items safe and secure with our onsite mail and package storage. PostScan Mail ensures that your mail is securely stored until you decide on what you would like to do with it. You will receive 30 days of free mail storage and 7 days of free package storage.

Mail storage comes at a cost, so we make it clear within our mailbox when a mail item is approaching its storage limit or when it starts to accrue storage fees to ensure you are not overpaying for the service. You will have the option to either pick up, forward, recycle, or shred your physical mail items.

7 Online Mail Management (1)
Digital Mail Management

Online Mail Management

Organize and manage your digital mail effortlessly. Within our virtual mailbox platform, you can sort, categorize, and archive your mail for easy access and efficient management.

Just like email, the virtual mailbox has filters to quickly sort mail by status, you can search for mail items by sender name and you can organize your physical and digital mail content into folders.

8 Recipient Management (1)
Recipient Management

Recipient Management

We give you the ability to add recipients and users to your virtual mailbox account. Mail recipients are additional individual or business names for which you are receiving mail deliveries. Any mail delivered to a recipient will be scanned and uploaded to your existing virtual mailbox account.

If you add a user, they will be given access to their own dedicated virtual mailbox account using your same mailing address. As the primary account holder, you will be able to see mail items assigned to your sub-users, however, they will only be able to see mail items assigned to them directly. User accounts are ideal if you have family members, employees, or departments that have a need to receive mail on their own.

Any recipients or users added to the PostScan Mail system are required to submit a notarized USPS Form 1583 to give us authorization to receive their mail, this allows us to also verify the identity of anyone receiving mail to ensure there is no attempted identity theft or fraud.

9 Mail Notification & Alerts (1)
Mail Notification Alerts

Mail Notification & Alerts

Email notifications are sent whenever a new mail item is received including an image of the outside of the mail item. Email notifications are also sent whenever an open & scan request is processed along with the scanned content of the mail item as a PDF and whenever a mail forwarding request is processed.

In addition to email notifications, the PostScan Mail system will send SMS notifications related to mail and package forwarding, this includes notifications when a mail item is in transit, is delayed in transit, and when it is finally delivered to its final destination.

10 Privacy And Security Settings (1)
Privacy And Security

Privacy and Security Settings

Safeguard your sensitive information with PostScan Mail’s commitment to privacy and security. We prioritize data protection through encryption and secure protocols, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.

We have detailed some of our security features below which include two-factor authentication giving your virtual mailbox account an extra layer of security, reCAPTCHA integration to defend your account against automated attacks, and the ability to log out of active sessions to ensure your account remains secure and accessible only to you.

11 Premium Support (1)
Premium Support

Premium Support

We strive to offer the best levels of support, this includes a dedicated customer support team 7 days per week available by phone, email, or chat. Our customer support representatives will go the extra mile whenever it comes to questions related to your general inquiries, account setup, or anything related to your mail.

You are also welcome to walk into any of our locations if you have specific questions or concerns about your mail, we provide you with a direct phone number for the location within your virtual mailbox account if you need immediate assistance.

12 Standardized Pricing
Flexible Plans

Standardized Pricing

We currently offer three subscription plans, the Starter, the Standard, and the Premium plan. We strive to offer standardized pricing and service across all of our locations, the Starter plan as an example starts as low as $10 per month, however, that monthly fee for the Stater plan may vary by location. However, incoming mail limits, open & scan allotments, and the number of recipients included with each plan are standardized across all locations.

There are additional fees in addition to your basic monthly subscription, this includes additional fees for when you exceed your mail limit or your open & scan allotment. Mail forwarding includes a handling fee per item plus the cost of shipping. Mail storage is offered free for 30 days and package storage is offered free for 7 days. There are also additional fees if you exceed your mail recipient limit, if you request to shred mail items, or if you receive an oversized package.

Some of our locations charge a nominal fee to pick up mail items, however, most of our locations offer free local pickup. So it’s important to keep an eye out for that. Finally, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the service for any reason, we will issue a full refund for any fees paid for the subscription or the fee associated with notarizing your USPS Form 1583. You also have the option to transfer to another location if you are not satisfied with the services that you are receiving.

Two Factor Authentication (2fa)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Enhance your account security with our two-factor authentication (2FA) feature. This additional layer of protection requires a secondary verification step beyond your password, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. By enabling 2FA, you add an extra shield to your account, ensuring only authorized users can log in.

Recaptcha Integration

reCAPTCHA Integration

To fortify our defenses against automated attacks and unauthorized access attempts, PostScan Mail integrates reCAPTCHA. This Google-powered tool acts as a gatekeeper, distinguishing between human users and bots. By implementing reCAPTCHA, we ensure that only legitimate users gain access to their accounts, preventing malicious login attempts.

Session Management

Session Management

Take control of your account’s security with our session management feature. PostScan Mail monitors all active sessions associated with your account. If you are about a forgotten login on another device or need to quickly remove someone’s access, you can choose to log out of all active sessions with a single click, ensuring that your account remains secure and accessible only to you.

Encryption Protocols

Encryption Protocols

Your privacy matters. That’s why PostScan Mail employs industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard your data during transmission and storage. Our robust encryption methods ensure that your sensitive information remains protected at all times, offering peace of mind regarding the confidentiality of your mail and personal details.

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