PostScan Mail Shipper vs. ShipRite: Which Shipping Platform is Right for You?

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Choosing the right shipping software is crucial for the efficiency and success of your retail operations. Let’s compare PostScan Mail Shipper with ShipRite to help you make an informed decision.

Subscription Fee

Subscription Fee

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: Say goodbye to subscription fees. Enjoy full access to our platform without any recurring charges.
  • ShipRite: May require a subscription fee, adding to your overhead costs from the start.
Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: Our cloud-based software boasts an intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth user experience for all skill levels.
  • ShipRite: While functional, users may encounter a learning curve due to the complexity of the interface and features.
Effortless Package Oversight

Installation and Hardware

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: No installation necessary. Access our platform from any device with an internet connection, eliminating the need for additional hardware.
  • ShipRite: Installation of software and potential hardware requirements may complicate your setup and incur extra costs.
Carrier Rates

Carrier Rates

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: Benefit from discounted rates on all major carriers, including FedEx and UPS, helping you save on shipping costs.
  • ShipRite: Carrier rates may not be as competitive, potentially impacting your profitability per shipment.
Payment Processing (1)

Payment Processing

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: Skip the hassle of setting up a credit card merchant account. Our integrated payment processing streamlines transactions for seamless operations.
  • ShipRite: Requires setting up a credit card merchant account, introducing additional steps and potential fees into your workflow.
Payouts And Margin Control

Payouts and Margin Control

  • PostScan Mail Shipper: Enjoy automated payouts and the ability to specify shipping margins, giving you greater control over your finances.
  • ShipRite: May lack advanced features for automated payouts and margin control, leading to more manual intervention and potential errors.


PostScan Mail Shipper stands out as a superior choice to ShipRite, offering a hassle-free shipping experience without the burden of subscription fees, complex installations, or expensive hardware requirements. With discounted carrier rates, integrated payment processing, and flexible margin control, PostScan Mail Shipper empowers businesses to streamline their shipping operations and maximize profitability.

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