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PostScan Mail Digital Mailroom Services

Before the advent of digital mailroom services, mailrooms in many companies and organizations used to begin their day by sorting incoming mail to departments, groups and individuals. Apart from being time-consuming, this process was error prone and used to add a significant labor cost to the operation in any company or organization.

But with the digital mailroom services that were made possible through the technology developed by PostScan Mail, digital sorting and scanning of mail items has replaced those obsolete methods.

PostScan Mail is designed to create and support virtual mailrooms no matter how huge the volume of mail items is.

Create Psm Virtual Mailroom

Create a Virtual Mailroom

PostScan Mail will create a virtual mailroom for your company or organization. And now the space, the resources and the time wasted on handling postal mail will become null! And this will be for a fraction of the cost you had to pay and without the mistakes that could result from manual sorting.

PostScan Mail effectively converts the organization’s traditional mailroom into a virtual mailroom, with complete traceability of each piece of mail and a new level of security and convenience that will reflect on the organizational performance and cost efficiency. Employees will be able to check and easily handle their paper mail online. Those who may be out on the road or in a different city, state or country will be able to view their mail timely.

Psm Digital Mailroom Advantages

Digital Mailroom Service Advantages

  • A cost efficient solution
  • Digitization of postal mail
  • Less time and more accuracy
  • Access to a digital archive of any mail piece or document
  • Traceability of any postal mail item
  • An environmental friendly solution

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