Updated on April 26th, 2023

Businesses that want to make a global presence and grow their business worldwide will need to start looking into international business shipping.

Shipping internationally can be a hassle and time consuming if you’re not careful, and most notably, expensive.

You need to go through customs forms, postage, packaging, customs fees, and other steps. It’s overwhelming! Most businesses partner with professional shipping companies to get the process done faster and easier.

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How international shipping works?

Here are the basic steps you need to take to ship your package through USPS’s international service.

Step 1: Understand Shipping Restrictions

Go to your local Post Office and ask about these restrictions. It is important to understand the recipient country’s customs laws and any restrictions that may have.

Some countries have restrictions on certain products and sometimes shipment companies also place restrictions on product size or weight.

Step 2: Shipment & Customs Forms

The Post Office will inquire you to fill out necessary forms for international shipping.

They will need product info like size, weight, and value in addition to any other items in the package.

You’ll also need to fill out info about the sender and recipient like the address, phone number, and email.

In some cases, the customs form needs to be placed with the package while others may need to be stuck to the side of the package, make sure you know their placements.  

You can also get your postage stamps and shipping labels from the Post Office. They can calculate the total cost for you or you can check it online.

Step 3: Packaging

Packaging is a very important step to keep your shipment safe, especially fragile shipments. It depends on size, weight, and value.

You can use a standard envelope for letters or paper mail and a bubble mailer or a bubble wrap liner for slightly bigger items.

As for large products that won’t fit in envelopes, you’ll need to use a box.   

However, you’ll need to reassure your items protection by wrapping it in bubble wrap and using cushioning pads and foam in the box to prevent shaking and breaking.

In the end, seal your shipment securely with packaging tape.

You can also get all this done online, without even needing to go to the Post Office.

USPS made it more convenient by allowing you to retrieve your shipping label and postage online and print them (to place on or in your box).

When filling in your shipment info, there are built-in customs forms according to your chosen country.

You can then schedule a package pickup and choose the delivery service you’d like. The automated process is simple and quick.

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Important points for business international shipping:

  • The address and info of the recipient must be clear on label on the box or envelope and accurate
  • Most shipping services have package tracking services, be sure to get the tracking number of your package to follow up on its delivery
  • Choose a shipping service that has your needs like tracking, signature on delivery, and insurance

What is the best strategy?

Rather than going through customs, restrictions, and complicated packaging procedures, you can have that all done for you in just a few minutes.

There are many private shipping companies that offer cost-effective, productive solutions to businesses.

When choosing a vendor, you need to be sure to pick a trustworthy company that works hand-in-hand with USPS and offers their unique services.

A reputable provider can help build your global image and strengthen your customer base worldwide. You need a company that can accommodate the growth of your business and offer you competitive prices.

Do your research when looking for a vendor to make sure you’re getting the best prices and services that agree with your business needs.

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Why choose PostScan Mail?

PostScan Mail offers competitive shipping prices and takes you through the whole process in a few easy steps. Offering a mail consolidation service, your packages will be consolidated for lower shipping fees before shipment.

Highly-skilled mail operators that are certified and experienced will care for your shipment using the necessary packaging and labels according to product size and weight.

They are up-to-date with all the latest shipment and customs laws, taking care of all the necessary procedures and forms.

All you need to do is fill in the recipient info and choose your preferred shipment method!

With USPS as our only courier, we offer two international services, First Class and Priority services with the minimal charges and fastest delivery.

No more looking into new customs laws or guessing the weight and size of your shipment for the right packaging.

Our best virtual mailbox service offers you international mail forwarding as one of its many benefits. And the best part, you get to remotely control all your shipments through your account on your phone or computer.

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