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Shipping Fees


At PostScan Mail, we offer mail and package shipping along with our virtual mail services and it has never been more convenient and cost-effective. Through our easy-to-use online application, you can ship one or multiple items with our mail consolidation service and at a competitive cost for shipping. Your mail items are handled with the care and confidentiality you expect, all done with professionalism by our mail ninja agents.

We handle shipments for a fee as little as $0.85 per item. With United States Postal Service (USPS) as our courier, their prices apply to our services, along with the minimal handling fees that we charge.

Three Shipping Options for your Comfort

Because your convenience matters, PostScan Mail offers three shipping options: “First-Class”, “Priority” and “No Rush”.

It all depends on your needs, for example, there is no need to pay for “priority” shipments if it is not urgent. At PostScan Mail, we try to make our services as suitable to your needs as possible.

PostScan Mail Shipping Fees:

Prices of shipping materials apply.


(Light Weight)


No Rush (Domestic Only)


1-3 business days

1-3 business days



Up to 13 oz (domestic) /

Up to 64 oz (international)

Up to 70 lbs

Up to 70 lbs

Domestic Shipping Fees (Retail)


Shipping fees for 1 lb as low as $5.75 and $166.75 for 70 lb.


Shipping fees for 1 oz as low as $0.98 and $3.50 for the 13 oz.

No Rush

Shipping fees for 1 lb as low as $5.60 and $132.29 for oversized items.

International Shipping Fees (Retail)


starts from $24.75 for 1 lb to $246.50 for 70 lbs.


Shipping fees start from $6.55 for 1 ounce to $39.65 for 64 ounces.

* A small fee will be added per item for mail handling

USPS economical prices are offered with the advanced virtual mail services of PostScan Mail which makes the experience of shipping your items as cost-effective and convenient as possible. And above all of this, you will handle your shipments remotely through your PostScan Mail account.

Join PostScan Mail now and enjoy our competitive shipping fees.

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