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Accepting mail deliveries from:

Up to 16 oz Envelopes & Flats Only

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Sun: Close


$9.95 /month

Incoming Mail 30 items

Mailing Address Included

Incoming Mail 60 items

Mailing Address Included


$24.95 /month

Incoming Mail 120 items

Mailing Address Included

Additional Fees

  • Addt'l Incoming Mail
  • $0.25 per item
  • Mail Content Scanning
  • $1 per envelope for up to 5 pages, then $1 for each additional 5 page scans.
  • Mail Forwarding
  • An estimate is provided at time of shipment.
  • Mail Storage
  • First 14 days included, then $0.05 per mail item per day.
  • Package Storage
  • First 14 days included, then $0.10 per pound per day.
  • Addt'l Mailbox Users
  • $5.00 per month, per additional user.

of having A Phoenix address

Create a presence in this business friendly city with a US street address and a PO Box with our virtual mailbox service.

This allows you to have a Phoenix address whether you live within or outside the city, without having to pay rent.

Secure A Virtual Mailbox Address in Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Use a single mailbox for staff who work in multiple locations.
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Phoenix, Arizona Address

Phoenix has risen from a past civilization to become an economic powerhouse. Parts of Downtown Phoenix sit on 3,000-year-old ruins of a previous civilization, just what its name means.

A local address can identify your business with this city. Get a smart address with our virtual mailbox service. It comes with a Phoenix US Street address or PO Box with the added benefits of technology.

Virtual Mailbox Service in Phoenix

With a Phoenix mailing address you can:

  • Check your mail remotely, you can keep in touch by reading your scanned mail
  • Forward mail to an address of your choice with a simple request using your phone or laptop
  • Manage your mail which we store in a secure database that you can access anytime
  • Set multiple users of a single mailbox. If you employ people in remote locations, a single address will suffice
  • Work from home without giving out your physical address

Our secure virtual postal mail simplifies your work by saving you the time you would spend going to the post office or mailbox. You also avoid the costs of hiring an assistant or calling in a favor from a friend to check your mail. Find a package that suits you from our different address options in Phoenix.

Phoenix has lived up to its name too; it has shown a lot of resilience since it declined during the depression. It has bounced back to regain its place among the top five most populated cities in the United States.

The city of Phoenix began thanks to agriculture and bloomed when the railway line opened it up to the world. It experienced phenomenal growth after World War 2 when companies like Motorola launched major operations.

To this day many companies have headquarters or extensive operations in Phoenix. They include Intel, Avnet, PetSmart, and Mayo Clinic. The city has a thriving economy with robust retail, finance, real estate, transport, and manufacturing sectors.

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