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    600 W Santa Ana Blvd Ste 114A PMB #

    Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Mail Deliveries Accepted From


$14.95 /month

Incoming Mail 30

Open & Scan  10 items

Incoming Mail  100

Open & Scan  40 items


$49.95 /month

Incoming Mail 200

Open & Scan  100 items

Extra Service Fees

  • Incoming Mail
  • $0.35 per item
  • Open & Scans
  • $1.25 per item up to 15 pages, then $1 per 15 pages
  • Forwarding
  • $0.85 per item, plus shipping
  • Mail Storage
  • Free for 30 days, then $0.03 per day
  • Package Storage
  • Free for 30 days, then $0.03 per pound per day
  • Unlimited Recipients
  • Included
  • Mailbox Accounts
  • $5.00 per month, per additional user

Santa Ana Address

Santa Ana is part of the greater Los Angeles area. It sits in Orange County and is one of its main economic hubs. Manage your communications the smart way by getting a Santa Ana virtual mailbox today. You will be able to:

  • Receive notifications when new mail comes in via email
  • Receive scans of envelopes to help you decide whether you want the letters opened, scanned and sent to your email or not
  • Take advantage of the mail forwarding service to forward the mail
  • Choose whether to shred and recycle mail once you’ve read the scans
  • Receive packages
  • Filter undesirable senders so that you do not get notifications when they send mail

The virtual street address functions like an online PO Box because you can use it to register a business. Here are some important facts about business addresses:

  • Search engines like Google will only allow businesses that have physical addresses to appear in local business search
  • You can rise to the top of local directory listings in Santa Ana thanks to your local address
  • You can set up websites and other businesses without using your home address. This helps you maintain privacy
  • You can use a virtual address to register a business and save the cost of renting premises if you operate remotely

In addition to these obvious perks, the virtual mailbox is the best alternative to PO Box because you can access your mail from anywhere; all you need is a computing device and an internet connection. You can go on trips without missing out on important mail.

Pitching to prospects also becomes easier because a business address is more professional looking when you pitch. You can also share the same address with family members or staff.

Get your virtual address in Santa Ana, California today and make your mail management easier.

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