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Mail Deliveries Accepted From:

Up to 16 oz Envelopes & Flats Only


$14.95 /month

Incoming Mail 30

Open & Scan  10 items

Incoming Mail  100

Open & Scan  40 items


$49.95 /month

Incoming Mail 200

Open & Scan  100 items

Extra Service Fees

  • Incoming Mail
  • $0.35 per item
  • Open & Scans
  • $1.25 per item up to 15 pages, then $1 per 15 pages
  • Forwarding
  • $0.85 per item, plus shipping
  • Mail Storage
  • Free for 30 days, then $0.03 per day
  • Package Storage
  • Free for 30 days, then $0.03 per pound per day
  • Unlimited Recipients
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  • Mailbox Accounts
  • $5.00 per month, per additional user

Why Get A Chicago Virtual Mailing Address?

Nicknamed the Windy City, Chicago is an economic powerhouse. It is a unique city because it has a high population but shows no significant reliance on any particular industry. Companies spanning various industries conduct or base sizable operations in Chicago. Several industries are thriving in the city. They include manufacturing, technology, tourism, finance, retail, and mining.

Chicago had the first skyscraper in the United States. Today it has one of the busiest airports in the world; O’Hare.

A Secure Virtual Mailbox

The advanced infrastructure and the availability of many essential services make Chicago attractive. You can get a prestigious address to complete your business identity in the city. A secure virtual mailbox service works better than the old fashioned postal address.

A virtual mail service can still offer the following benefits to you in Chicago:

  • You can recieve your scanned mail from remote locations by email
  • You can respond and forward mail from miles away without hiring an assistant or subscribing to a mail forwarding service in Chicago
  • You can manage the mail from anywhere; for instance, your holiday home or field site
  • You can avoid giving out your permanent home address if you work remotely from home. The address can be customized for use by multiple users, like staff who work in remote locations
  • You can quickly search through your mail as it is well dated and stored in a secure database

A Virtual Address in Chicago

With all the opportunities that you can find in various industries in Chicago, it is no wonder that the competition for locations is high. You can skip paying for space with a virtual address. Get your PO BOX address in Chicago and make it easier to do business.

You will often find more than 20 Chicago based enterprises in the list of Fortune 500 companies every year. If you base yourself in this city, you'll be in prestigious company with entities like Boeing, McDonald’s, Kraft Foods, Sears, and Walgreen. As you conduct business, you can handle your correspondence better with best virtual mailbox service Chicago has to offer.

Get a premium virtual address in Chicago, IL. Manage your physical mail from your computer or smart device. Starting at $14.95 plus subscription.  

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