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Portland, Oregon

Portland has set itself apart as one of the best-planned cities worldwide. Its name was decided by the toss of a coin. The city has gone as far as to keep the coin, christened the ‘Portland Penny’ in a museum.

Virtual Mailbox Service in Portland

A business presence in this prestigious city can boost your reputation. Use a virtual mailbox to can get a US Street Address or PO Box in Portland. Then you can get real time alerts when mail comes. A virtual mail address is a smart choice because it provides:

  • Round the clock access to your mail, regardless of your location. You can travel the world and still get your mail scanned and sent to your email
  • Mail and packaging forwarding services
  • Multi user feature. You can manage staff from remote locations using a single mailing address.

And going to pick up mail is a tiresome chore, right? Well, this service takes care of that.

Simply put, our secure virtual mailbox automates some functions that you would spend time and labor to do. As a result, you can focus on growing your business in Portland.

Prime City for Investment

Portland gets a mention among the cleanest cities Countrywide. It ranks among the best cities to raise a family. The city has one of the most educated populations and the best cuisines. Portland also boasts of being the most bike friendly city Nationwide. Many residents use bikes for transport in the city.

Portland’s weather is ideal for growing roses, and it was known as the City of Roses in the past. The International Rose Test Garden in the city has over 550 rose varieties.

The infrastructure and access to the sea from Portland make it a prime place for investment. It also ranks among the best cities to live and work worldwide. Portland has the third busiest port on the West Coast.

The city is already awash with investors in various sectors thanks to incentives by the city like seed capital and tax credits. Huge companies like Nike and Precision Castparts have headquarters in Portland. Other notable brands with significant operations in Portland include Hi-Tec Sports, Adidas, LaCrosse Footwear, and Li-Ning.

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