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Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and it has the fourth busiest port nationwide. This hub of the Pacific Northwest is attractive to businesses and one way to create a business identity in the city is to get a virtual street address and:

Register Your Business

You can use a virtual mailbox to register your business or website without paying for premises. This means you can base some functions elsewhere. A virtual address also makes it possible to market a business by appearing in:

  • Local directories
  • Local business search results

People are likely to take businesses with professional addresses more seriously than those with home addresses.

Automate Mail Management

A virtual mailbox is the best of all PO Box alternatives because it allows you to receive mail from anywhere. All you need is a PC or smartphone and an internet connection. Whether on vacation or a business retreat, you can always know when new mail comes in and choose to:

  • Have the mail scanned and sent to your email
  • Forward the mail to another address
  • Pick the mail or package

In addition to these possibilities, your mail is also safely stored. You can choose to shred and recycle pieces of mail that contain sensitive information.


If you run a home business and have no office, you need to keep that information off the public domain. Use a virtual address on ads to ensure strangers do not get your personal information.

Bye, Junk Mail

Going to the mailbox and finding a lot of junk mail with no mail of importance is annoying. With virtual mailbox services, we dispose of the junk advertisements and only give you the mail you want. You can also filter mail to automatically open & scan letters from preferred senders. This way, you don't need to go through the less important mail to request to see content.

Get your Seattle virtual address today and manage your mail from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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