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Package Receiving Service

Package Receiving Service

Package-receiving services have emerged as a critical player in the logistics industry, meeting the demands of individuals who lead nomadic lifestyles, such as travelers, expatriates, and others without a permanent address. With the increasing mobility of the population and the rise of e-commerce, the ability to securely receive packages irrespective of one’s physical location has gained paramount importance.


What is a package-receiving service?

A package-receiving service is a specialized operation that accepts mail and parcels on behalf of individuals and businesses. This service becomes indispensable for those who need a fixed address or the means to receive packages directly.

Customers of such services are provided with a unique postal address at the facility. This postal address becomes the destination for securely held parcels until the recipient can retrieve them.

The modern context of a mobile and ever-changing lifestyle necessitates alternative solutions for package delivery.

A reliable service holding onto parcels ensures continuity in receiving mail and is a consistent touch-point for various customers.

For travelers and expatriates, it guarantees they can maintain a connection to their home base or manage their affairs remotely without worrying about missing essential deliveries.


Benefits of using a package receiving service

The advent of these services reflects the evolving nature of work and lifestyle patterns.

As we progress into an increasingly dynamic and connected world, package-receiving services will likely become integral to managing and receiving mail and parcels.


How does a package receiving service work?

Using the service addresses instead of your own

Package-receiving services provide customers with an alternative address where their packages can be delivered. This alternative address is typically the service provider’s central hub for receiving and processing various parcels.

When a purchase is made online, clients use the address of the package receiving service instead of entering their personal or business address for delivery.

Once the package arrives at this service address, the service provider secures the item.

Clients are often notified of their parcel’s arrival via email or a notification through the service’s app or website. The client can retrieve the package during the service provider’s operating hours.

This system offers security and eliminates the need for the recipient to be present during delivery, bypassing the issue of missed deliveries.


Partnering with companies, shops, and small business owners

Many package-receiving services establish partnerships with local businesses, shops, and small business owners to expand their reach and accessibility. Through these partnerships, clients can pick up their packages from various locations, not just the central service hub.

This network of partner locations typically offers extended hours and convenient locales, further adding to the flexibility offered by package-receiving services.

These partner venues are vetted and selected based on their ability to handle and store packages securely. They often possess designated areas specifically for parcels to ensure safekeeping.

By leveraging the existing infrastructure of these partners, package-receiving services can provide a widespread and user-friendly experience for their clientele.

Plus, local businesses benefit from increased foot traffic and potential new customers.

Users need to understand the pickup process at these partner locations, which may involve presenting identification or a pickup code. The procedures are designed to maintain security and privacy, ensuring only authorized persons can claim the packages.

Therefore, utilizing a package-receiving service not only simplifies the delivery process but enhances the overall experience by accommodating the needs of a diverse clientele seeking efficiency and reliability in managing their deliveries.


Who Needs a Package Receiving Service?

Package receiving services, designed to provide a secure and convenient option for managing deliveries, cater to various individuals and businesses. If you find yourself nodding to any of the scenarios below, such a service might be just what you need.

Here’s a listicle on who could most benefit from package-receiving services:

  1. Busy Professionals: If you’re always on the go because of work, the last thing you must worry about is whether your packages are safe on your doorstep. A package-receiving service ensures that your parcels are signed for and protected until you can pick them up.
  2. Frequent Travelers: Travel lovers and those who travel for work might only sometimes be around to receive their packages. With a receiving service, travelers can enjoy their trips without the anxiety of lost deliveries.
  3. Remote Workers: You might think remote workers would be home to receive packages, but they often work from co-working spaces or coffee shops. They might want to maintain their flow to answer the door.
  4. Residents of Apartment Complexes: Sometimes, packages delivered to apartments can go missing or be left in unsecured areas. Package receiving services provide a reliable alternative.
  5. Online Shopaholics: For those who frequently shop online, packages come at all times. A package-receiving service helps manage the influx and keeps purchases secure.
  6. People Concerned with Privacy: A package-receiving service provides confidentiality if you don’t want your neighbors or others to know about your shopping habits.
  7. Victims of Porch Pirates: If you’ve had a package stolen from your doorstep, the security of a package receiving service can prevent future thefts.
  8. Gift Recipients Planning a Surprise: If you order a gift for someone in your household and want to keep it a surprise, receiving services can help maintain the secrecy.
  9. Small Business Owners: Small business owners who order inventory may need a secure place at their shop to receive packages. A package-receiving service can handle deliveries while they focus on their business.
  10. Students Living in Dorms or Shared Housing: Lack of space and absence during classes make receiving packages directly easier. A package-receiving service gives them a flexible pickup option.
  11. Residents in Areas Prone to Extreme Weather: Packages left at the door can get damaged by rain, snow, or extreme heat. A package-receiving service can protect your goods from the elements.

By seeing your situation in these examples, you can determine whether a package-receiving service could save you time, offer convenience, and provide peace of mind regarding your deliveries.


PostScan Mail as a package-receiving provider

PostScan Mail’s defined street addresses

PostScan Mail offers a streamlined solution for individuals and businesses seeking a secure location to receive their packages. Customers are assigned a defined street address where their packages and mail can be received.

This address functions just like a personal or business address but is operated by PostScan Mail, ensuring that packages are managed professionally upon arrival.

Using a defined street address differentiates from traditional P.O. boxes as it allows receiving packages from all carriers, offering greater flexibility for e-commerce deliveries.

The service promptly updates customers on their parcels’ status, with notifications sent out whenever mail or packages arrive.

Users have the convenience of managing their deliveries online, wherein they can request actions such as forwarding, holding, or even opening and scanning the content of their postal mail.

PostScan Mail’s quick processing times mean that images of incoming mail or documents can be available in a user’s account within one to three business days.


Comprehensive mail centers for 24-hour security and identity protection

Security is at the heart of PostScan Mail’s service offerings. Their comprehensive mail centers are equipped with 24-hour surveillance systems, securing all deliveries and ensuring the safety of clients’ mail and packages.

This security measure is reassuring for international shoppers purchasing high-value or sensitive items.

Plus, given the nature of mail handling, PostScan Mail puts a premium on identity protection, implementing stringent protocols to protect personal information.

For those utilizing the service for international shopping, PostScan Mail offers affordable package forwarding options to practically any location worldwide.

Competitive shipping rates are a cornerstone, and accessible storage options allow clients to schedule shipments according to their needs.

This is particularly useful for clients who may wish to consolidate multiple purchases into a single shipment.

The blend of security, convenience, and cost-efficiency positions PostScan Mail as a reliable solution for managing online shopping and package deliveries in today’s digital and fast-paced marketplace.


Preventing package theft with package-receiving services

Safe and secure areas staffed by shipping professionals

In response to the rising trend of porch piracy, package-receiving services like PostalAnnex+ provide an effective deterrent by securing deliveries in locations that are safe and manned by experienced shipping professionals.

With nearly one in five people reporting stolen packages, the need for a reliable solution is more significant than ever.

These services guarantee that parcels are always secured. Instead, they are received and kept in a controlled environment until the rightful owner retrieves them.

This added layer of security significantly reduces the risks associated with package theft, which has become a growing concern in residential areas.

Operators at these facilities are trained to handle and safeguard packages, offering recipients extra trust and peace of mind.


Ensuring delivery to a reliable location

Implementing secure package delivery systems is the cornerstone in thwarting the efforts of so-called porch pirates. PostalAnnex+ and similar providers encourage using secure mailboxes, drop boxes, or boxes in areas surveilled by cameras.

These safety features are critical in ensuring deliveries are made to risk-free areas.

With package-receiving services, the incidence of parcel theft can be substantially lowered. As parcel theft continues to climb, individuals and businesses are exploring these protective measures to secure their goods.

Investing in secure delivery systems is not just about safeguarding packages; it extends to protecting the contents that often have monetary and sentimental value.

The measures provided by these services establish a reliable location where packages can arrive safely, significantly enhancing the security of the delivery process.

Customers gain the confidence that their parcels are being monitored from the moment of delivery until pickup or forwarding, which is vital for the integrity of the shipping and receiving system.

The proactive approach to secure parcel delivery by package-receiving services has become necessary and a standard for those looking to protect their online purchases.

As this service sector grows and evolves, it provides an imperative shield against package theft.


Convenience of package-receiving services

Centralized location for receiving all deliveries

A significant benefit of package-receiving services such as those provided by PostScan Mail Centers is their convenience through a centralized location for all deliveries.

Customers no longer have to worry about being home to receive packages or having deliveries sent to various addresses. These dedicated centers are a reliable point where parcels are collected and stored.

For small and medium-sized businesses, this is particularly advantageous. It simplifies inventory tracking and significantly lessens the likelihood of misplacement or theft of items.

Moreover, businesses can streamline their logistics and distribution systems by having a fixed address for all shipments, resulting in more efficient operations.

The centralized nature of PostScan Mail Center’s services is designed to cater to the modern-day needs of both individuals and businesses, ensuring that their shipping and receiving processes are hassle-free.


Avoiding the need for a mailbox

Another advantage of resorting to package-receiving services is that customers can bypass the traditional mailbox, which can be susceptible to unauthorized access and weather.

With a service like PostScan Mail Center, individuals and businesses have the added security of knowing their packages are kept in secure, climate-controlled environments.

These centers can handle larger parcels that are problematic for standard mailboxes. This is particularly beneficial for e-commerce retailers, who often need to manage returns and exchange products with customers.

Utilizing PostScan Mail Center’s package-receiving services eliminates the hassle associated with missed deliveries or rescheduling, as they will safely store the packages until it is convenient for the client to collect them.

With secure mail centers strategically located nationwide and notification protocols for package arrivals, clients are assured of always taking advantage of their essential deliveries.

PostScan Mail Center’s package-receiving services provide their customers with security and ease.

Whether reducing the risk of package theft, simplifying business logistics, or providing a safe harbor for deliveries while away, these services have become integral to the security and convenience of the modern shipping experience.


Additional services offered by package-receiving providers

Mail holding and forwarding options

Package-receiving providers extend their services beyond the mere collection and storage of parcels.

They recognize the varying needs of their clientele and often offer mail holding and forwarding options to accommodate their customers further.

This flexibility enables individuals traveling or businesses managing logistics across different locations to have their mail and packages held at the center until they are ready to receive them or have them forwarded to an alternative address.

The mail forwarding service benefits those who move frequently or do not have a permanent address, including digital nomads and remote workers.

Providers such as PostScan Mail offer forwarding from many locations within the United States and internationally, ensuring customers can access their mail anywhere.

This service is seamless with the United States Postal Service’s mail forwarding feature, albeit more inclusive, as it encompasses packages delivered from various carriers.


Extra security measures for valuable packages

In light of the concerns about package theft, which has affected nearly 1 in 5 respondents nationally, additional security measures have become increasingly crucial, according to an online insurance service survey.

Package-receiving providers are investing in enhanced safety features to ensure the security of their clients’ assets.

Secure mailboxes and drop boxes are often utilized in areas under surveillance, providing an added layer of protection against porch pirates and other forms of theft.

These features reassure customers that their valuable items will reach them safely, regardless of the risks present in their local areas.

Security measures prevent theft and protect packages from damage from environmental factors or mishandling.

Aimed at promoting peace of mind, such security measures are a testament to the dedication of package-receiving services to offer secure and reliable delivery systems for their customers.

The comprehensive nature of services offered by package-receiving providers addresses the multifaceted issues related to package delivery.

From holding and forwarding mail to implementing extra security for valuable packages, these providers are at the forefront of ensuring that the needs of their clients are met with flexibility, convenience, and assurance.


5 Advantages of Using a Package Receiving Service

Convenience and Flexibility


Enhanced Security and Privacy


Specialized Services for Modern Consumers


Steps to Register for Package Receiving Services

Registering for package-receiving services with PostScan Mail can streamline your mail management and ensure your deliveries are secure and accessible. If you’ve been looking to simplify how you handle packages when you’re not available to receive them, PostScan Mail could be the solution.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Visit PostScan Mail Website
    You can navigate to the official PostScan Mail website using your preferred web browser. The site provides comprehensive information about the various services they offer.
  2. Choose a Plan
    PostScan Mail offers several plans to fit various needs and budgets. Please review the plans carefully to determine which aligns with your expected volume of packages and desired features.
  3. Select a Virtual Address
    You will need to choose a virtual address from their network of nationwide locations. This address will serve as your package-receiving hub. Consider the location’s proximity to your home or office and any additional services they might offer.
  4. Create an Account
    Sign up for an account by providing the required personal information, including your name, email, and a secure password. Make sure to verify your email address if prompted to activate your account.
  5. Complete the USPS 1583 Form
    For PostScan Mail to handle your mail legally, you must complete the USPS Form 1583, which authorizes them to receive mail on your behalf. It must be notarized to finalize the authorization.
  6. Provide Identification
    In compliance with security requirements, submit two forms of identification. This typically includes a government-issued photo ID and another document to confirm your identity.
  7. Set Up Payment Information
    You can enter your payment details to cover your selected service plan. This generally includes a credit or debit card or another accepted payment method.
  8. Confirm Service Start
    Once your account, payment, and identification are in order, confirm with PostScan Mail when your service will begin. Make sure you understand how you’ll be notified of package arrivals.
  9. Personalize Your Service Preferences
    You can customize how you want to receive notifications and manage your packages. This could include delivery preferences or specific instructions for handling certain types of deliveries.
  10. Start Using Your Virtual Mailbox
    With everything set, you can now use your virtual address for package deliveries. Please monitor your PostScan Mail dashboard for updates on received packages and manage them as needed.
  11. Download the PostScan Mail App
    For convenience, you can download their mobile app to manage your packages. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  12. Contact Customer Support if Needed
    If you run into any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact PostScan Mail’s customer support for help.

Remember, once registered, you can use your virtual mailbox address to receive packages from all carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL, giving you a centralized, secure location for all your deliveries.


Pricing and subscription options

PostScan Mail is designed to offer its services to a wide array of users, with various pricing tiers that cater to different needs and budgets:

All plans come with the feasibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time, reflecting PostScan Mail’s commitment to flexibility. To mitigate any risk for new users, there is a 30-day 

money-back guarantee. This allows users to try the service and determine if it meets their expectations without financial commitment.

Sign-up is quick, with the complete process taking around 60 seconds, making PostScan Mail an accessible and user-friendly option for managing mail and package-receiving needs.

Each plan provides access to core services, including virtual mailbox addresses, mail scanning, and package forwarding.

Additional fees apply for value-added services like check deposits or extensive package handling.



There, you have your comprehensive guide to staying on top of your mail and packages, no matter where life takes you. With PostScan Mail’s unbeatable mix of convenience, security, and technology, keeping tabs on your postal affairs has never been easier. Bid farewell to lost parcels and overflowing mailboxes.

Embrace a clutter-free life with everything just a click away. It’s time to revolutionize how you handle your mail, one digital delivery at a time.

Now, we’re eager to hear from you! How has a service like PostScan Mail changed how you manage your mail and packages? Share your experiences, and let’s discuss the future of postal management together.



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