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Mail & Packages Received$.50 per Item

Open and Scan$2.00 per Item

Mail & Packages Received30 Items

Open and Scan5 Items

Mail & Packages Received60 Items

Open and Scan10 Items

Additional Fees

  • Additional Received
  • $.50 per extra envelope or package scan.
  • Additional Open & Scan
  • $2.00 per envelope for up to 10 pages, then $.25 per additional page.
  • Mail Forwarding
  • $.85 cents per item plus the cost of shipping.
  • Mail Storage
  • First 30 days free, then $.05 per envelope per day.
  • Package Storage
  • First 7 days free, then $.10 per pound per day.
  • Additional Mailbox Users
  • $5 per month, per additional user.


A registered agent is a designated address to represent a business or LLC in front of the government; it must be in the same state the company is registered in.

The registered agent is filed in official government paperwork, the articles of organization, and receives mail like tax files, service of process, and any type of legal documents.

This address must be a physical street address and cannot be a PO Box address.

California Registered Agent Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a registered agent service?

The California Corporation law states that every corporation or LLC needs to have a registered agent. The registered agent must be a physical street address and you cannot start a business without one. This address needs to be operating at regular working hours to accept legal mail. If you’re a home-based or online business, you’ll need to use a registered agent service that can offer you a physical street address, besides your home address. 

How much does a registered agent cost?

Signing up for a registered agent is free with PostScan Mail, offering a convenient “pay as you go” service, you’ll only pay for the packages you’ve received and request to be opened and scanned. If you want your mail to be forwarded to you, you’ll be provided with multiple low-cost shipping options to choose from. We have exclusive deals with multiple couriers, allowing us to provide you with the best rates in the market. 

How do I elect a California registered agent?

You’ll be required to elect a California registered agent as you complete the Articles of Organization for your LLC or the Articles of Incorporation for your corporation. There are two ways to do this, online or by mail. 

Electing a California registered agent online: 

You can form your LLC/ corporation online through the California State of Secretary website. For corporations, there is a $100 filing fee required and for LLCs, there is a $70 filing fee required. Article 3 of the online form would require an agent for the Service of Process, a registered agent. Place your registered agent’s name, address, and contact information then it’ll be submitted with the rest of your form.

Electing a California registered agent by mail: 

You can also elect a registered agent for your LLC/ Corporation by mail. Firstly, download the Articles of Organization or the Articles of Incorporation from the California Secretary of State website. You’ll need to pay the filing fee, which is $70 for LLCs or $100 for corporations as well as additional copy fees which is $15. Fill out the required forms, you’ll find the Service of Process section on page 6 where you’ll fill in your registered agent’s name, address, and contact information. Lastly, you need to submit a physical copy to the California State of Secretary. 

Can I use this mailing address for my corporation or LLC?

You can use this professional mailing address in California as a registered agent for your corporation or LLC for free! It can also be used as your official address with the California Secretary of State. Just sign up today and we’ll be able to receive all of your legal documents and mail deliveries, which you can access online from your phone, at any time.   

Can I change my registered agent?

Yes, you can change your registered agent at any time. You must file an Amendment Statement of Information with the California State of Secretary. You can file for the amendment online, whether you have an LLC or corporation through the SOS website. If you’re submitting this change within your filing period (this is usually 5 months before you submitted your formation documents) then changing your registered agent is free. If it isn’t within your filing period, there will be a $20 filing fee for LLCs and a $25 filing fee for corporations.     


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