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PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) that offers smart mailboxes using real US business addresses with advanced mail handling features.

Each smart mailbox comes with advantages like mail scanning, discounted mail forwarding, shredding, recycling, shipment tracking, additional users, and free storage for the first 30 days of mail arrival!

This premium service caters to the needs of travelers, business owners, digital nomads, large companies, and students. There are three payment plans, the Starter Plan starts at $10/month, the Standard Plan starts at $20/month, and the Premium Plan starts at $30

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is a virtual mailbox provider established in 2006; they have virtual addresses nationwide that include PO Box addresses and street addresses.

However, most of their addresses are PO Box addresses so they don’t accept mail from other mail carriers besides USPS.

Their virtual mailbox services include many of the perks PostScan Mail offers like mail scanning, mail forwarding, and mail storage. The Starter Plan starts at $19/month and only allows for one mail recipient. Their most extensive plan is the Premium Plan and starts at $79/month.

How PostScan Mail is Different From Earth Class Mail

No. of Addresses: There are 400+ street addresses nationwide and internationally at your choice; whether you need a professional business address in a commercial market like New York or LA or just a basic street address to receive your packages – we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Apps: You can log into your digital mailbox from your computer or from any mobile device with the optimized mobile application that is available for Android, iOS, and tablets. Download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store today.

Local Mail & Package Pickup: Can’t wait for that package? Just stop by your PostScan Mail facility to pick it up! PostScan Mail offers a quick fix to save you shipping fees by offering the advantage of local mail & package pickup.

Package Forwarding Service: With a real street address, you can accept packages from all mail carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx, not just USPS. We’ll consolidate your packages for lower shipping fees and forward them to you, locally or internationally. Shop from any US online store, store packages, and forward them when you’re ready!

Shipments Tracking: No matter what shipping option you chose, with our optimized system, you can easily track all of your packages. Enter the tracking number and follow up on your order’s status anytime.

Trustpilot Honest Reviews: Don’t believe us? Take our customers’ words for it! Our loyal customers’ ratings & reviews boosted us to an excellent score and made us one of the leading companies in the business.

PostScan Mail grants you these smart features with very convenient plans:

Check out the table below for more information on how these two mailbox forwarding services compare.

PostScan Mail Earth Class Mail
Incoming Mail 30/month 50/month
Open and Scan 5 free requests, up to 10 pages each Free content scanning, as long as documents are 20 pages or less
Free Mail Storage First 30 days free First 30 days free
Shredding Yes Yes
Recycling Yes Yes
Recycling Yes Yes
Check Deposit No $39 per month; 5 checks included in the plan
Forwarding Yes, $0.85 per shipment, plus postage Yes, $3 per shipment, plus postage
Cloud Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Live Support Yes Yes

Our Advantage

Competitors Better Value

Great Addresses

We partner with the most reliable addresses around and with our standardized pricing, you get the same features and service regardless of location. Choose from some of the most desired locations in the country such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and many more.

Competitors No Contracts

No Contracts

We are so confident here at PostScan Mail that we offer the option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the service at any time. PostScan Mail also promises superior privacy and security by implementing access restrictions on all collected data.

Advantages Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Use your online mailbox storage to archive all of your important personal and business mail, whether it’s an invoice, credit card statement, or contract – it’s saved! With PostScan Mail, all of your opened & scanned mail is automatically saved in your mailbox. Once your mail is saved, you can access features that include mail search, printing, and deleting.

Advantages Mail Management

Mail Management

To help users efficiently manage their mail, we’ve designed a simple and intuitive mail management UI that allows you to sort and filter mail to your liking. Users can also easily send out mail handling requests – all from their mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Earth Class Mail

Limited Number Of Addresses (1)

Limited Number of Addresses

Earth Class Mail has only 80+ addresses in a few cities across the U.S. Also, more than half of those addresses are USPS PO boxes (not all are commercial addresses), not real street addresses. USPS PO box addresses receive deliveries only from the USPS, not from FedEx or UPS, and cannot be used to register your LLC business or open a bank account. Also, you might be unable to find an address in the city you want.

Centralized Network Mail Centers (1)

Centralized Network Mail Centers

Earth Class Mail uses a centralized network of mail centers to receive, scan and deliver postal Mail on behalf of their customers, so Earth Class Mail forwards all Mail and packages to Oregon, Beaverton, or New York City to be processed. Customers will only receive notification of their mails 2 days after the Mail is received at your mailing address. If your Mail is received in cities without a processing facility, you’ll have to wait for additional transit (1-3 business days). They also charge a check deposit of $39 per month and include 5 monthly deposits. On the other hand, PostScan Mail notifies you as soon as your Mail arrives in their secure mailing facility.

Expensive Pricing (1)

Expensive Pricing

If you’re looking for a cheap virtual mailing provider, then Earth class mail isn’t your ideal option; their lowest plan starts at $19 per month and forces you to use their Beaverton, Oregon addresses. This is unlike PostScan Mail, which charges as low as $10 per month and allows you to choose addresses from over 400+ real street addresses.

Delay Delivery (1)

Delayed Delivery

You can’t have your Mail shipped immediately With Earth Class Mail. You must wait at least another 1 or 2 days for them to view the Mail and another 1 or 2 days before it is shipped to you. Earth Class Mail handles Mail and has to forward your Mail to Beaverton, Oregon, or New York City for processing.

Pick Up Isn T Available

Pick-up isn't available.

Earth Class mail doesn’t offer pickup services. Even if you’re living close to your mailing address, you can’t pick up Mail from their facility; rather, you’ve to pay for it to be delivered. This is unlike PostScan Mail, which allows you to pick up Mails if that’s more convenient.

High Cancellation Fees (1)

High Cancellation Fees

If you choose to close your Earth Class Mail account, you’ll be charged a $50 cancellation fee which they said will be used to cover the cost of handling your Mails for the next 6 months. You’ll also be charged $99 if you want to reactivate a closed account.

Earth Class Mail & PostScan Mail: Ratings and Reviews

Earth Class Mail Reviews

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PostScan Mail Reviews

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Even without mentioning it, you can tell that PostScan Mail is the best mailing provider compared to Earth Class mail. PostScan offers a host of advantages, including lower cost, pickup options, faster access to Mail and packages, receiving mails from different carriers, and a much larger network of addresses in the most popular cities of the United States.

At Post scan mail, a fully staffed Customer Service team is available by phone, email, or live chat to answer your questions or solve any problems. Post scan mail has an A+ rating on most review sites. Customers give Post scan mail high ratings on every major review site. But don’t take our word for it – check out the reviews yourself!

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