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How Does iPostal1 Work?

iPostal1 is a virtual mailbox service that offers subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $39.99. As with other virtual mailbox providers, iPostal offers different plans based on usage. We will be comparing iPostal1's Green Plan ($9.99) versus PostScan Mail's Starter Plan ($14.95). 

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How is PostScan Mail different from iPostal1?

We strive to deliver value in each of our subscription plans. Our philosophy is simple: offer our customers a simple and cost effective product that helps them to manage their postal mail online.  PostScan Mail allows you to choose from our growing network of real US mailing addresses that offer local pick up and packae delivery. We offer a step-by-step guide in settting up your account which incluldes a postal consent (1583) and change of address form wizard.

Our software interface is friendly and intuitive allowing for easy navigation on your tablet, phone or PC. Our pricing and mail scanning limits are generous and allows for free open and scan requests.

iPostal vs PostScan Mail price comparison

iPostal1 PostScan Mail
Incoming Mail 30/month 30/month
Open and Scan $2 per envelope up to 6 pages, $0.25 per additional page after that 10 free content scans included, up to 15 pages each
Free Mail Storage 30 days 30 days
Recipients 5 Unlimited
Shredding Yes, $2 each for up to 6 pages, $0.25/page afterwards Yes, Free
Recycling Yes Yes
Check Deposit $4.95/per check, plus postage No
Forwarding Yes Yes
Cloud Storage 2 GB Unlimited
Live Support No Yes

Online Mail Management

PostScan Mail gives you full control over your postal mail wherever you are. You can manage your mail and packages online with complete security. You decide what you need to do with your mail.


Mail Archiving

PostScan Mail automatically scans and secures your mail content to your online mailbox. Enjoy free access to these PDFs as long as your account is active. Customize your own folders and attach, download or delete the scans as you wish.

Content Scanning

PostScan Mail scans the envelopes of your postal mail and packages in addition to the content as well. It delivers mail to you with complete protection to your privacy.

Physical Mail Storage

Receive free physical mail storage for the first 30 days of each item's receipt date. For a small fee, you can keep your mail or packages in storage for as long as you like. PostScan mail lends you a helping hand, keeping your home or office clutter-free.

Mail Forwarding

You choose which items you want delivered and PostScan Mail forwards them wherever you are, anywhere in the world. It’s that easy.


Through PostScan Mail, you can enjoy automated online mail management. Set-up filters to automatically move certain mail items you receive into predetermined folders. You can even automate operations such as scan, shred, recycle or transfer at your convenience.

Shredding & Recycling

PostScan Mail recycling capabilities are entirely environment-friendly. We offer unlimited shredding and protect against identify theft through strict security practices.

Multiple Users

You can add multiple sub-users to your PostScan Mail account. Users can be either individuals or businesses. Once you set their usernames, PostScan Mail will generate them passwords to access their sub-accounts where they receive their own mail separately.

View your mail with PostScan Mail!

Plans start as low as $14.95/month
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The PostScan Mail advantage:


Great Addresses – All of the mailing addresses in our network provide the same standarized pricing, you get the same features and service regardless of location. Choose from some of the most desired locations in the country such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and many more.


No Contracts – There are no annual contracts and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Privacy and security is important to us, so we offer bank-level encryption on all mail related images and data.

Use the below calculator to compare the actual cost of iPostal1 versus PostScan Mail

Our starter plan starts at $14.95 per month and offers but offers larger scan limits, this means your bottom line cost with a PostScan Mail subscription is actually lower. Additionally, we offer unlimited recipients and online storage. 

As you can see above, the iPostal1 plan that started at $9.99 comes out to be a lot more costly, once you start to receive mail deliveries. 

Incoming Mail

Open & Scan

Free Mail Storage

Unlimited Recipients

View Features


$14.95 /month



30 days per item


Select a Location



30 days per item


Select a Location


$49.95 /month



30 days per item


Select a Location

Select a Location

Extra Service Fees

Extra Mail & Packages Received
$0.35 per item
Extra Open & Scan Requests
$1.25 per item up to 15 pages; $1 per additional 15 pagesadditional 15 pagesper additional 15 pages
Extra User Accounts
$5.00 per month
Mail Storage After 30 Days
$0.03 per pound per day for packages; $0.03 per day for other mail
Mail Forwarding
$0.85 per item, plus postage
Free Mail Storage
30 days per item
Unlimited Recipients

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