How Traveling mailbox works?

Traveling mailbox aspires to provide mail scanning and forwarding services at great prices and deliver quality customer service. They offer many services in addition to the online digital mailbox like check deposit and the integration various software including Evernote. Travelling mailbox offers three tiered packages and the quality of features vary with each package. They serve thousands of businesses, families, digital nomads, other groups, and individuals.

They also provide member perks including discounts to the movies and getting oil changes. However, these perks may not justify the cost if you look deeper into their pricing. Among other unclear pricing structures, receiving packages is not included and will cost extra and their content scans are per page rather than per request.

If you're looking for a the best virtual mailbox service that is both fully-functional and visually appealing, look at the benefits of PostScan Mail.

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Plans start as low as $9.95/month
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How PostScan Mail is different From Traveling Mailbox?

For $9.95/month or an upgraded plan (based on usage), you don’t have to worry about your postal mail anymore. PostScan Mail enables you to have a PO Box with a street address in 65+ locations all over the US where you can receive postal mail & packages wherever you are.

The first thing you need to consider about PostScan Mail is that it’s the most convenient service for your needs. You no longer need to worry about your mail, no matter where you are. PostScan Mail's mission is to enable customers to view and manage their postal mail online, all the time, and from any place in the world.

Most customers give PostScan Mail a 5 star overall rating. This includes price rates, convenience of usage, features, functionality and customer service.

You’ll find many similar virtual mailbox companies but checking their plans thoroughly for prices, reviews and services, you’ll find that the best qualities are in PostScan Mail. PostScan Mail even offers a 30-day free trial for you to decide whether or not you’d want to continue using the service.

PostScan Mail’s interface is easier to use than any other software. The price rates are mostly reasonable, and if you're still considering Traveling Mailbox, take a look at our side-by-side comparison below.

Choose from one of PostScan Mail's 65+ US addresses in different locations to serve your postal needs.

Remember, you can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel the service anytime. PostScan Mail promises ultimate privacy and access restrictions to information related to data collected.

PostScan Mail Traveling Mailbox
Base Plan Starter Basic
Price $9.95/mo $15/mo
Envelope scans 30 per month 40 per month
Content scans 10 actions per month 35 pages per month included
Recipients Unlimited 3
Available Addresses 70 33
Forwarding $0.85 per item $2.00 per shipment
Secure shredding Yes Yes
Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime Yes Yes
Free mail storage 30 days/item 60 days/item for letters only
Free trial 30-day 2-month
Package receiving Included with envelope scans $4.95 per package

View your mail with PostScan Mail!

Plans start as low as $9.95/month
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Incoming Mail

Mailing Address



$9.95 /month

30 items



60 items




$24.95 /month

120 items




Additional Fees

Addt'l Incoming Mail
Each additional mail item over your plan's incoming mail limit.
$0.25 per item
Mail Content Scanning 
Each open and scan will be charged based on item and number of pages.
$1 per envelope for up to 5 pages, then $1 for each additional 5 page scans.
Mail Forwarding
Mail items can be bundled into a single package and forwarded.
An estimate is provided at time of shipment, however fees may vary.
Mail Storage
Mail items are stored free for 14 days.
First 14 days included, then $0.05 per day.
Package Storage
Packages are stored free for 14 days.
First 14 days included, then $0.10 per pound per day.
Addt'l Mailbox Users 
You can add a dedicated mailbox for other individuals or businesses.
$5.00 per month, per additional user.

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