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The world has become increasingly digital with more and more people relying on the Internet for communication. People use social media for business and to talk to their friends and family. Blogs and websites are everywhere. Readers have gone paperless with online newspapers and e-books. And yet, most people still receive paper mail. Why?

PostScan Mail offers you the flexibility to receive and review your mail deliveries electronically. No need to make a special trip to the post office to check the mail. No need to worry about whether an important package has been delivered to your home. With PostScan Mail, you can review all of your incoming mail online at your convenience from any location and at any time. Simply sign up for an account and receive a U.S. address at our facility to begin handling your mail in a 21st-century way!

We scan the front of all letters and package labels and email you an alert about its arrival. You can then review that image and decide how you want that piece of mail handled. Maybe you want to receive it or forward it to another address or recipient. You can do that with the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger. Want to discard a piece of junk mail? Done! Just tell us to shred it or recycle it. Want to store it for future reference? No problem! We can store mail items for 30 days at no cost - and even longer for a nominal fee.

PostScan Mail gives you the flexibility and freedom to receive your postal mail the way you want it in a modern, electronic way. Forward digital copies of mail to friends and family, business contacts, financial professionals or legal entities with no delay. Store digital and paper mail at your convenience for later use. Scanning of mail contents lets you have a digital copy that can be sorted and downloaded as needed. You can review all of your mail, regardless of its source or origin, in a single online mailbox. All digital and hard copies of mail are safe and secure at the PostScan Mail facility, so you never have to worry about confidential information getting out. Unwanted mail is shredded in a secure environment, so personal information is always safe.

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