How Does PostScan Mail Work?


Account Activation

Account Activation

To get started, select a plan and a PostScan Mail address

To authorize us to receive your mail, you’ll need to fill out a USPS 1583 Postal Consent form allowing us to receive mail on your behalf. This form will have to be notarized with two forms of ID and sent to the PostScan Mail facility. This is required by the U.S. Postal Service to ensure that no one can reroute your mail without your knowledge.

Once we’ve received your postal consent form, your account is fully activated!

What We Do
Your mail is identified and tagged with your unique customer ID

Your Mail Arrives

When mail arrives addressed to your unique address at our facility, our staff takes action. Your mail is identified and tagged with your unique PMB number.

Send Snail Mail Online

Get a Notification

We then sort it, scan it, and an image is made available to you online. The mail is then stored in our facility until you decide what to do next.

Make your decision

Determine What's Next

Simply review the image at your convenience, wherever you are, and decide how you want the item handled.

View Your Postal Mail Anywhere!

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Your Options

we can open a mail item and scan its full contents.

Open & Scan

At your direction, we can open the enveloped item and scan its full contents into a convenient PDF document.

we will forward it on to you


If you want the item in-hand, simply make the request, and we will forward it on to you. We can also bundle items together.

Store, us postal service mail forwarding


If you want the physical item stored, simply leave it be and we'll keep it secured at our facility.



If you no longer need or want the item, recycle it. We'll securely shred and dispose of it for you.