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Are you moving houses or relocating your company and looking for an effective solution to change your address online easily and at the same time keep receiving mails delivered to your old address? Are you going away for college or work and feel worried about your mail and packages getting lost between your old and new addresses? Change of address is a tough decision? Not with PostScan Mail.

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Think of the time you would waste notifying everyone around with your new mailing address. Think of the mail items and packages that might get lost. Think of mail items kept for so long in the post office until you go to collect them in person. It is definitely worse if you are a business owner moving your company location.

Now, imagine a mailbox that you have with you wherever you go and you do not have to fill Change of Address forms over and over again whenever you move places. Imagine that you do not even have to go check your mailbox in person. And yet again, imagine you can read and manage your mail whenever and wherever you are. Well, you do not have to imagine. PostScan Mail has made it real.


How to Change Mailing Address With Ease

With PostScan Mail Virtual Mailbox Solution, change of mailing address is a piece of cake, because once you register for our online mail service, you won't have to worry about your physical location anymore. Your mail will be accessible online from any place you are. Change your mailing address to PostScan Mail once and check your postal mail online for a life-time. Moreover yet, if you wish to keep your mailing address the same, by filling our online mail consent form, you authorize us to receive your mail from USPS and deliver it to you online.


Your Mail is safe at PostScan Mail Facility

PostScan Mail’s Virtual Mail Service guarantees that a future change of address or being away due to travelling for example will not pose any problem. At PostScan Mail facility, we receive your mail, scan the outside, and alert you online. You can then view your scans and manage your mail and packages remotely through any device connected to the internet.

Upon your request, we can scan the content of your letters, shred or recycle the junk mail, forward your items to the address you pick or store your mail at our facility for as long as you wish, all with just a click.


Online Postal Mailing Address

When you sign up for our service, we provide you with a postal mailing address. You can pick one from our 25 nationwide prestigious addresses. The Change of Address Form is available for you online once you complete your sign up. You just fill the form and follow some simple instructions and then you can start notifying everybody with your new address. Moreover, you can pick your items at any time at our facility or forward them to your current location or any other address.

Get a One-Month Free Trial when you sign up to PostScan Mail now. Receive a virtual mailing address and manage your mail in a whole different way than ever before.