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Ever thought you could receive your postal mail without having to visit your PO box in person? PostScan Mail service has made this true. You will no longer have to wait for important letters and you will no longer ask your friends to do you the favor of checking your mail while you are away from home. Returning home to find a mailbox overstuffed with letters, and screaming to burglars ‘There is nobody home!’, will be something from the past.


Want Convenience? Try PostScan Mail ...

PostScan mail offers a solution that is both convenient and innovative. It is a service that allows you to receive your postal mail wherever you are. Once you register to our Mail Forwarding Service, the facility will receive your letters, scan your envelopes and directly notify you. Once you are notified about an important letter, you can ask PostScan mail facility to open and scan, store or forward your mail. You specify the address where you need to receive your mail; and here it comes. Easy and simple.


Whether you are a constant traveler, a person with an active lifestyle, or just someone who enjoys a sedentary life and is looking for the pampering that our virtual post mail services offers,   PostScan Mail is what you need.

Why you should use our mail forwarding service?


  •   We value your time
  •  With the tip of your fingers, you handle your letters
  •   No more skimming through worthless letters
  •   Receive only the letters that truly matter

It is time you go virtual! Don’t waste your time receiving, and organizing those piles of letters and going through junk mail. Register now and let PostScan Mail handle this for you. PostScan Mail will forward the letters that are important and shred those that you don’t need when you request us to. It is easy and safe!


Try out all of our service features absolutely free of charge. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

Combine your mail items and packages and save money spent on shipping them separately.

Forward only significant mail items and store the rest at PostScan Mail facility for as long as you wish for free.

Learn how our mail forwarding service works or sign up now and get your one-month free trial.




PostScan Mail helps you manage your postal mail online...

Manage your postal mail remotely from any location with complete security. Review the image online and decide how you want the item handled.

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