PostScan Mail Virtual Mailbox Services

Ever wondered how tech-savvy people and indie geeks handle their mail  in today’s world? PostScan Mail’s virtual mailbox is the most efficient and reliable way to handle your paper mail with ease. Through the usage of our service, you will enjoy the experience of checking your mail from anywhere in the world and at any time you wish. With our virtual mailbox service, you will never see mail piling up on your living room table or else where again. You shall have your envelopes delivered to our facility, scanned and neatly organized in your online account, which will save you the time wasted on handling your mail.

Don’t Procrastinate; Act Now!

Have you ever caught yourself saying "I have many letters and I will sort them later?" Do piles of mail from last month kindle your sense of guilt? Don’t procrastinate. Save time and space and pamper yourself with the virtual mail service of PostScan Mail. Signup now and let us handle the rest for you.


Why do you need our innovative Virtual Mailbox Service?

    Travel without having to worry about your PO Box

    Never again assign family and friends to check your mail

    Let the hideous sight of bulging mailbox disappear

What goes on at PostScan Mail Facility?

We receive your letters, scan them and then notify you. Then, you decide what should follow, whether we open and scan, shred, store, or forward your mail immediately to you or any other address you pick. All you have to do is 'decide' and just leave the hard work for us.

We store your physical mail items for as long as you would like to keep them. And the soft copy of your mail will always be available for you through our innovative, user-friendly web application, accessible to you whenever and wherever you are.


Mailroom Dilemma Resolved

Starting a new business without having enough space for a mailroom? Then a Virtual Mailroom is the name of the game. When you register to PostScan Mail, you will be able to have your own mail and that of your team or employees sent to PostScan Mail facility where it gets handled with great care and attention.

Mail items are sorted and scanned for you and you can decide to receive only the letters that matter. Our virtual mailroom guarantees that you will have easy access to your old letters delivered to the facility without having to skim through piles of paper as all you will need to do is an online quick search.


Don’t waste your staff’s valuable time and energy skimming through junk letters when you can let someone else do that for you. PostScan mail offers a one-month free trial for its all of its virtual mail services. Join now and have technology work for you.




PostScan Mail helps you manage your postal mail online...

Manage your postal mail remotely from any location with complete security. Review the image online and decide how you want the item handled.

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