Updated on April 21st, 2020

Many people are not fond of the 9-5 lifestyle, so they start their home-based businesses, which is a great way to have an income without the inconvenience of leaving their house. Those who start home-based businesses range from mothers who can’t leave their children alone to others who simply prefer to have flexible working hours. Starting a home-based business is cost-effective. With the simplest of tools and without renting a place, you can start making money. If you’re wondering if you should start one or not, don’t think twice.

Home-based businesses, however, face some problems. As much as working from home can be profitable and convenient. Some people just don’t trust dealing with home based businesses. Sometimes, an email or a phone number is not enough. People would like to see an established presence with a tangible address. You don’t want to add your home address; it is simply not convenient. There are tools to help you handle your home-based business more successfully and efficiently.

1. Digital Mail

A prestigious virtual address can boost your home-based business. It spares you the trouble of giving people your real address and at the same time gives your business credibility. Once you pick an address, you mail will be directed to a mail facility where it will be sorted and scanned, so you can view the contents of your mailbox online. If you want to read the whole letter online, you can click to request scanning contents. It’s a very convenient service. That way mail will not clutter your house and you can be updated about your postal mail wherever you are. PostScan Mail offers digital mail services for very reasonable prices. They filter junk mail which leaves you time to handle important mail items only.

2. Online Time Tracking

You’re probably working on your own, but that does not mean that you don’t need to track your time. Tracking your time keeps you organized as you shift from one task to the next, it calculates time spent which will eventually help you be aware of the time each and every task takes so whenever you do something similar, you know how long it will take. Clockin Portal is an online web-based time tracking system that is free for those working solo.

3. Getting Paid

After all the hard work, you expect to get paid without any inconvenience. There are many applications that you can use, depending on what is convenient for you and for your clients. And no matter where you clients are, you can receive your money instantly. Online applications for transferring and receiving money are Venmo, Square Cash and Google Wallet. For Google Wallet, you have to have a gmail account and it only works within the U.S. which won’t be convenient if you have clients overseas. As for Square Cash and Venmo, they are not limited to the U.S.

4. Cloud Storage

If you like to store work documents and records, the best way is to store them online. It’s convenient because you won’t have to backup your data fearing a likely computer crash. You can store your data on google drive. With Google, you can store up to 15 GB totally for free. You can also use Dropbox. Unfortunately, with Dropbox, you can store only up to 2 GB for free, but if you only store documents, then you’re good to go.

With all the online services available for free or for very reasonable prices, you can run your home-business smoothly and efficiently. The world is at your fingertips and you can make money using simple tools and services.

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

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