Updated on April 26th, 2023

Mail is no longer an inconvenience! With our busy daily schedules, going through junk mail to pull out the critical mail and making sure everything is being taken care of is exhausting.

Innovative CMRA’s (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency) came up with smart solutions to make mail a bonus instead of a hassle. Offering a virtual mailbox, you’ll have exclusive mail scanning services for all your mail and packages.

With a mail scanning service, you can get all your mail sent to you online, just like your email. With just a few clicks, you can shred, archive, or forward any mail piece!

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But that’s only one advantage of a mail scanning service. Let’s find how this service works and the many benefits for you and your mail.  


How does Mail Scanning work?  

Your pick your desired mailing address, from over 400+ locations nationwide. It can be in your city, or across the country, wherever you like. Then your mail and packages are delivered to this address, which is a state-of-the-art mail facility.

Certified mail operators will scan the envelope of your mail and upload it to your virtual mailbox. You get instant notifications with all new mail, never missing out on anything significant no matter where you are!

Just log into your online mailbox through your smartphone or computer to access and control your mail.

You’ll be presented with multiple options to choose from on how to handle your mail. You can shred any document, archive or download mail, forward a package, and more! All you have to do is press a button, and the rest is done for you.  

With a virtual mailbox, you’ll get more than just a mail scanning service; you’ll get an effective mail solution.

What are the advantages of a Mail Scanning Service? 

Enhanced Mail Security:

Having your mail scanned to you electronically instead of being left unattended in your mailbox for days, risking mail theft.

Whether you forget to check your mailbox daily or are too tired to shred important mail, you can be the next victim of mail theft. An overflown mailbox is a strong potential for mail theft and will give you endless troubles.

Credit card fraud, identity theft, and many other crimes are all results of mail theft. With a virtual mailbox, your mail’s protection is a priority and guaranteed.

Your mail arrives at highly-secured facilities guarded by security guards with cameras in every corner.

As for the operators handling your mail and packages, they are all certified employees with years of experience. Only you should have access to your mail, and now only you will!

You can shred & recycle any sensitive document, bank statement, or any critical mail that needs to be taken care of. Don’t let your mail fall into the wrong hands by handling it the right way.

Easier Mail Handling:  

Managing your mail just became much more comfortable with this unique service. You’ll get high-quality, clear scans of all your new mail without even needing to move!

Driving down to the Post Office or also remembering to check your mailbox every day can be exhausting and time-consuming. Why go out of your way when your mail can come to you?

In just a few minutes you’d be able to classify your mail into folders, shred documents, forward important mail and packages, download mail, and more.

You can even set smart filters and never receive junk mail again! Maintain an organized mailbox at all times with a speedy mail scanning service to help get it done.

Free Online Mail Storage:

All opened and scanned mail will automatically be archived in your virtual mailbox to pull out whenever needed.

Whether it’s an old bill, a business contract, or a credit card statement, you can easily download it, print it, or attach it to an email.

Never again will you lose important mail! Looking through piles of junk mail for a critical notice or bill is frustrating, missing it altogether is even worse.

With unlimited online mail storage, all your postal mail will securely be saved in your online mailbox.   Remote Mail Access, Anytime, Anywhere:

The best part of a virtual mailbox is that you get to access your mail at any time, from any place. Remotely controlling your postal mail allows you to freely travel for work or go on vacation without worrying about that package’s delivery date or not paying that bill on time.   

PostScan Mail provides free physical storage space for all your packages, for up to 30 days from their arrival. And if you’re still away and need storage after that, it can be done for only $0.03 per pound/ per day.

Another great benefit that comes with this service is mail forwarding. You can have your mail or packages delivered to you wherever you are, with domestic or international shipping options.


A mail scanning service is your gateway to a better lifestyle! Postal mail shouldn’t be an inconvenience or a concern at any point.

So get your mail scanned directly to you and easily handled at all times instead of doing all the manual work yourself.

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