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Forwarding Mail to a Temporary Address

Discover The Top Virtual Address Services In The Usa

Discover The Top Virtual Address Services In The Usa

Navigating life’s transitions can be as challenging as exciting, especially when it involves a change of address. Whether setting off on an extended vacation, embarking on a temporary work assignment, or renovating your home, I want you to know you’re connected with your correspondence.

Luckily, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a temporary mail forwarding service that seamlessly redirects your mail from your primary residence to a temporary one.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward steps to maintain a continuous flow of your mail, highlight the importance of selecting the appropriate service duration, and provide tips on keeping your mailbox under control during your time away.

Stay connected, never miss an important piece of mail, and enjoy the peace of mind that USPS’s flexible mail forwarding options can offer.


Overview of the Importance of Forwarding Mail to a Temporary Address

The mail forwarding service is vital for keeping life uninterrupted during a move or extended stay away from the primary residence.

Whether for personal or business matters, having a reliable system to manage postal deliveries when not at your usual address safeguards against missed correspondence that could carry significant consequences.


Common Scenarios Where Forwarding Mail is Necessary

Having mail forwarded to your current address is a common requirement during life changes. It helps maintain consistency and ensures no critical communication is missed during the transition.

Different categories, from students to military personnel, benefit from integrating a mail-forwarding system, tailoring the service to meet their unique circumstances and timeframes.

Setting Up a Temporary Address

Choosing a Temporary Address Service Provider

Changing your mailing address is essential when moving to a new location, and choosing a reliable temporary address service is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. PostScan Mail has established its reputation as an efficient service provider.

The list below describes the features and benefits of choosing PostScan Mail as your temporary address service provider.

  1. Simple Sign-Up Process:
    Start by creating a PostScan Mail account on a website. The sign-up process is easy and provides immediate access to a platform to manage and view your mail online.
  2. Online Mail Management:
    With PostScan Mail, you can handle your mail conveniently from anywhere. This digital management tool allows you to view your mail without the delay of traditional mail forwarding.
  3. Timely Mail Scanning Services:
    PostScan Mail promises swift action on incoming mail. While some services can take as long as three business days, PostScan Mail strives to post your mail to your account within one business day, ensuring prompt access to your documents.
  4. Flexible Duration for Mail Forwarding:
    Whether you need to change your address temporarily or permanently, PostScan Mail offers flexibility. They provide users with different plans tailored to their specific needs and the duration of the change.
  5. Extended Telephone Support:
    Exceptional customer support is critical, and PostScan Mail extends its telephone support to include limited hours during weekends, ensuring that you have assistance when you need it most.
  6. Avoiding Mail Interruptions:
    PostScan Mail helps in updating your mailing address efficiently with various organizations, including the United States Postal Service (USPS). This step is crucial to ensure that your mail and packages are not interrupted during your transition.
  7. Convenient Online Access:
    The ability to access your mail anytime and from any device with an internet connection makes PostScan Mail a very convenient option for travelers, expats, or anyone on the move.
  8. Enhanced Security:
    Privacy and security of your mail are paramount. PostScan Mail offers a secure platform to ensure that your correspondence is protected and only accessible to you.

By selecting PostScan Mail as your temporary address service provider, you’re not only opting for convenience and efficiency but also for peace of mind. With their intuitive online tools and customer-focused services, handling your mail while on the go becomes a hassle-free experience, letting you focus on settling into your new residence or location.


Registering for a Temporary Address

Individuals must complete the appropriate form to activate temporary mail forwarding with the USPS. This involves providing personal details and specifying the period for which the service is required.

The USPS takes measures to verify identity to secure the process and charges a minimal fee, which also serves to deter fraudulent changes.


Forwarding Mail from the Original Address to the Temporary Address

Once the request is processed, mail forwarding to the temporary address will begin on the start date specified on the form.

Mail sent to the original address will be rerouted or returned with an updated label, signaling the new destination to the senders.

The duration of this service is flexible but is generally capped at one year, with options to extend under special conditions, ensuring customers remain connected to their mail stream regardless of location.


Forwarding Methods

1- Automatic Mail Forwarding Options

The mechanism of automatic mail forwarding involves setting up a system that reroutes mail without the need for manual interference each time a mail is sent.

The PostScan Mail provides several methods, including standard mail forwarding, which offers a basic level of service, automatically redirecting each piece of mail to a new address.

A more comprehensive option is the Premium Forwarding Service. PostScan Mail consolidates and sends your mail weekly, making it ideal for those who move frequently or have significant mail volumes.

E-Forwarding services are increasingly popular, especially in business contexts, where incoming mail is scanned and delivered electronically, ensuring immediate access, regardless of physical location.


2- Manual Mail Forwarding Process

Manual mail forwarding is a process that requires more hands-on management. In certain situations, such as international moves or less accessible locations, the local post office staff may need to handle mail directly.

This process might be slower and less streamlined than automated services.

It’s prudent for individuals to personally notify key contacts — like financial institutions, friends, and family — of their new address to ensure mail is sent directly to the right place.

Some turn to third-party services that offer personalized mail handling, including sorting, scanning, and forwarding based on individual requirements for added control over mail delivery.

This bespoke mail forwarding approach can benefit businesses or individuals with complex or sensitive correspondence needs.

Whether one opts for an automatic or manual mail forwarding system depends on personal preference, the nature of the mail received, and the duration and reason for the relocation.

Both methods aim to ensure a seamless transition and continuity in receiving important documents and packages.


Notifying Contacts and Institutions

Informing friends, family, and essential contacts about the temporary address

When moving, even briefly, it is essential to communicate the change of address to friends, family, and other important contacts.

Personalized messages or calls lend a touch of thoughtfulness and ensure that your loved ones are kept in the loop. For a broader reach, social media posts or email announcements can inform a wider circle of acquaintances.

I also want to inform you that identifying and communicating with those who mail you frequently is critical.

This includes any subscription services you might use – magazines, monthly club memberships, or regular deliveries – to avert potential mail disruptions or privacy concerns with unattended mail.


Updating mailing addresses with relevant institutions

It’s imperative to systematically update your address information with all relevant organizations to maintain seamless operation of services, compliance, and communication.

Financial institutions, especially banks and credit card companies, require a current address for billing and to alert you to any suspicious activity.

Equally important are government agencies that need accurate records for tax purposes, identification, and voting registration, among other official functions.

Healthcare entities, including doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and local pharmacies, must know your location to send essential medical information and prescriptions.

By updating your address with commercial entities, you ensure continued access to rewards from loyalty programs, timely delivery of purchases, and personal correspondence like event invitations.

Throughout these changes, the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) mail forwarding service can serve as a stopgap, but there are more long-term solutions.

Proactively updating your contact details safeguards against disruptions and makes sure you stay connected during your temporary relocation.

Managing Forwarded Mail

Checking for New Mail at the Temporary Address

People relocating, even temporarily, must regularly check their new mail receptacle. This ensures that essential letters and packages are noticed during the transition period.

For physical checks, it is crucial to monitor email for confirmation of the address change request with the postal service.

The absence of such confirmation or lack of mail delivery within the expected time frame should prompt individuals to contact the postal service right away.

This helps establish a reliable mail flow to the temporary address, avoiding unnecessary disruptions or losses.


Organizing and Managing Forwarded Mail

Upon receiving forwarded mail at a new location, sorting and organizing all correspondence based on its nature and urgency is beneficial. Personal letters can be separated from potentially sensitive financial statements and business-related mail.

Critical documents or time-sensitive materials should be dealt with promptly to circumvent financial or legal complications.

Individuals must determine whether to temporarily hold their mail at the local post office or use mail forwarding services.

Before moving, this decision should be made, and the necessary arrangements should be made by filing a temporary Change of Address with the postal service.

By effectively managing forwarded mail, one can maintain continuity in communication and ensure no critical information is missed during their relocation.


Security and Privacy Considerations

Protecting Personal Information During Mail Forwarding Process

The mail forwarding process inherently involves risk to your personal and sensitive information. Choosing a mail forwarding service recognized for its security and reliability is crucial to minimize this risk.

Some services provide the option to screen and filter incoming mail, allowing for the disposal of unsolicited or potential scam mail before it ever reaches your hands.

When engaging with mail forwarding services, provide the minor personal information necessary and confirm that digital communication or data storage is appropriately encrypted to protect against cyber threats.

Handling your mail with such precautions dramatically reduces the likelihood of identity theft and other privacy intrusions.


Safeguarding Against Potential Risks and Scams

Being vigilant is critical to safeguarding against the risks associated with forwarding mail. Please always confirm any unexpected changes to your mail delivery directly with the postal service to ensure they are legitimate.

You can frequently check your financial statements to catch any discrepancies that may suggest your mail has been compromised.

Please be alert for phishing schemes that impersonate mail and delivery services to get your personal information.

Shredding documents containing sensitive information before disposal is a simple yet effective practice to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft through dumpster diving.

By adopting these practices, you can better protect yourself from potential risks and scams tied to the mail forwarding process.


Duration of Mail Forwarding

Determining the length of time for mail forwarding

When a customer decides to move, whether for an extended holiday or a temporary job assignment, it is crucial to understand the USPS mail forwarding service durations.

The service is designed to provide great flexibility, accommodating those who require mail forwarding from a minimum of 15 days to a standard duration of 12 months.

This period is typically sufficient for most temporary relocations, allowing customers ample time to alert friends, family, and businesses of their new address.

Timely notification is vital, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous mail delivery without interruption.


Extending or terminating mail forwarding services

In cases where temporary relocation turns into a longer-term stay or if the individual still needs to complete their address change notifications within the original 12-month period, USPS offers the option to extend the forwarding service.

Customers can extend their mail forwarding in increments that suit their specific circumstances, ensuring they do not miss important correspondence.

Managing the extension is a straightforward process that can be completed online via the USPS portal. This convenience ensures that a reliable mail flow can be maintained regardless of how plans change.


Costs and Fees

Understanding the associated costs and fees of mail forwarding

The USPS ensures that individuals and businesses can choose a mail forwarding service that fits their needs and budget.

For those who prefer to receive their mail consolidated at a temporary location, the PMFS is an attractive option despite the additional fees.

It’s important to consider whether the convenience of receiving all mail in one package is worth the cost or if the standard service meets one’s requirements.


Comparing different temporary address service providers

Provider Address Options Mail Handling Additional Services Pricing
PostScan Mail Virtual, PO Box Scanning, Package Forwarding, Monthly/Annual
Forwarding Shredding Varies
USPS PO Box Forwarding None Annual Fee
Anytime Mailbox Virtual, PO Box Scanning, Package Forwarding, Monthly/Annual
Forwarding Plans
iPostal1 Virtual, PO Box Scanning, Check Deposit, Monthly/Annual
Forwarding Phone Notification, Plans


When choosing a service provider for a temporary address, it’s vital to compare the basic and premium fees, the additional services offered, and the convenience of online management.

The USPS may be the most well-known option, and its PMFS can be a clear choice for many, yet alternative carriers can offer competitive rates and services that might be better suited to specific needs.

Reviewing and comparing available options thoroughly ensures the best and most cost-effective decision for mail forwarding services.


5 Reasons Why PostScan Mail’s Automatic Mail Forwarding Option is the Best Choice for You

  1. Say Goodbye to Junk Mail: PostScan Mail’s professional mail handling service is designed to help you avoid receiving irrelevant mail that only adds to the clutter. By scanning your envelopes and uploading them to your online mailbox, you can quickly identify what you want to receive and what you want to get rid of.
  2. No More Overflowing Mailboxes: With PostScan Mail, you’ll never have to worry about overflowing mailboxes again. Their automatic mail forwarding option ensures that you receive the mail you want and nothing else. You can order however many mails to be forwarded to your address.
  3. Ideal for Shopping Enthusiasts: Do you love shopping but hate missing out on deliveries? With PostScan Mail’s automatic mail forwarding option, you’ll never miss a package again. They forward your mail individually, so you’re always on top of your shopping game.
  4. Multiple Forwarding Options: PostScan Mail offers a range of options, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and needs. You can have your mail forwarded to locations across the US or internationally. Plus, you can opt for services such as Anytime Mailbox and IPostal1.
  5. Secure and Reliable: PostScan Mail uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure your mail is always secure and protected. With their reliable and professional service, you can rest assured that your mail is in good hands. Plus, their online interface makes it easy to manage your mail from anywhere in the world.

PostScan Mail’s automatic mail forwarding option is the perfect solution for those looking for a professional, reliable, and convenient way to handle their mail. So why wait?

Try PostScan Mail today and experience the benefits for yourself!



I hope this guide on forwarding mail to a temporary address is helpful and informative.

Whether traveling, relocating, or needing mail forwarded to different addresses, PostScan Mail covers you.

With our reliable and efficient mail forwarding services, you can stay connected to your mail no matter where you are.

Please take advantage of our virtual mailbox and choose from our range of plans that work for you.

Say goodbye to missed mail and hello to convenience and peace of mind.

Sign up with PostScan Mail today and start enjoying hassle-free mail forwarding services!


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