Happy Holidays from PostScan Mail

Updated : Nov 19 2018

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Happy Holidays Season


Receive your holiday mail and cards digitally with PostScan Mail Services

‘Twas the week of jolly Christmas, when all the postal mail came
Through a mobile device or PC, it wasn’t close to the same.
The mail was much cleaner, delivered digital with care,
Simple and convenient, appearing right out of thin air.
This service you say, sounds too good to be true,
PostScan Mail declares, “It’s available now to you!”
Sign up for our service, and get your first month free,
As digital mail is the future, and we think you’ll agree.

Happy Holidays from all of us at PostScan Mail, the premier cloud-based digital mail service!

We offer convenient, secure and affordable solutions for individuals and businesses who desire the flexibility of managing their postal mail online from any location via PC or mobile device. 

Check out our customized digital mail solutions here: Plans and Pricing

Photo Credit  by Unsplash

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