Updated on September 4th, 2022

While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 pandemic and mail, the mail is still a necessity for a lot of people, especially those who work from home and need their mail more than ever. If you are looking to change mailing address and effectively receive your mail and packages without the need to touch them, PostScan Mail may be your best bet. PostScan Mail is a type of virtual mailbox service that allows people to get their postal mail online.


When you choose a US physical address, your mail will be sent to PostScan Mail; then, they will scan the envelopes and upload the content to your digital mailbox so that you can view manage them from anywhere through your mobile device. Here are some of the ways PostScan Mail can help in the work from home era.


Receive Mail Even When You Are Away

Nearly 57% of workers have the opportunity to work from home. With so many leaving their office, it can be quite challenging to have someone that is reliable to receive important letters and packages. PostScan Mail allows you to receive your mail uninterrupted as they can receive your mails from any carrier, ensuring you keep getting your business mail while you work from home.


Full Mail Management Solution

PostScan is the fastest and most efficient way for you to manage your packages and mails. Your company mail is digitized to effortlessly achieve record-keeping, paperless filing, and taxes. Get your mail delivered to PostScan Mail, and they will sort your mail and scan your packages, which saves you money, energy, and time.

PostScan Mail completely eliminates junk mail before it gets anywhere near you. Besides, PostScan Mail can also help you achieve a paperless office, where you can store your documents.

Forward Packages and Mail to Remote Employees’ Homes

Companies that have remote workers can help packages and mail forwarded to the homes of their remote employees with the help of PostScan Mail. This ensures every piece of packages gets to the right hands unfailingly and quickly. PostScan Mail also provides signature services, so as a subscriber, you can receive your mail/package, review, and decide its destination.


Mail Handling and Delivery

The covid19 pandemic has forced workers to social distance and leave their physical offices. With the reduction of face-to-face communications and meetings, some businesses rely greatly on their mail and limited worker to handle the mails, and this could pose a challenge. PostScan Mail includes mail handling and delivery through the virtual mailbox.


You can also ask PostScan Mail to shred the mail, open and scan it, or forward it to a new physical address, giving you the opportunity to read it online. No matter what you want, PostScan Mail can help you avoid the needless handling of mail and minimize the potential risk of Covid19.


Avoid the Post Office

A significant benefit of PostScan Mail for those working from home is the ability to avoid trips to the Post Office. While mail delivery companies are doing their best to ensure customer safety, you can view your mail safely online at the comfort of your house.



PostScan Mail is one of the most comprehensive and flexible virtual mailbox services available. PostScan Mail services include the benefit of a virtual business address, which allows you to keep your home address confidential and private. They also provide unmatched security and privacy to ensure your mail and package are processed in one place with the same-day service. In addition, PostScan Mail makes virtual office addresses and mailboxes easy and affordable.


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