PostScan Mail Pricing Updates

Oct 24 2016

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PostScan Mail - Virtual Mailbox

Over the last few years, we’ve considerably improved our service offering. We’ve streamlined our operations, enabling us to process mail much faster, and we’ve continuously added new features to our digital mailbox.

Our customers are more satisfied than ever and often recommend PostScan Mail to others. With that said, we have some upcoming changes that we’d like to inform you about.

First, the number of free Open & Scan requests included in your plan each month is doubling for Starter-plan customers and increasing by at least 60% for Standard- and Premium-plan customers. This change has already taken effect, so everyone can enjoy these increases immediately.

We’re also increasing prices for our subscription plans and most of our nationwide addresses, as well as making a change to our free mail storage. Each of these changes takes effect August 1st, 2016.

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