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Summer Is Coming | Save Time and Money With PostScan Mail

Summer Is Coming Save Time And Money With Postscan Mail

Summer Is Coming Save Time And Money With Postscan Mail

Summer Is Coming, and we all are super excited to go on trips! But how about the critical mail and parcels you’ll receive when you’re away? 

Who will be there if the whole family is on vacation when it gets delivered? These are questions that most individuals ask themselves when they think of spending the summer away from home. 

Many are into a business that requires them to receive important mails frequently; not being able to receive them can be a hard hit on their business.

As much as you’d want to maintain your business, you want to go on road trips and enjoy the serene nature. You might have applied for something, and you’re waiting to receive a letter which you’ll sign, but it’s already summer, and you need to go on vacation. What’s the way out? Read on to find out.

Situations in Which Traditional Ways of Receiving Mails Will Not Help

You sometimes find yourself in situations where you urgently need to receive mail, but the traditional ways of receiving mail, like the PO box and Post office, won’t help. 

These are situations where you aren’t even close to your post office or PO box. They include: 


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Receiving Mails That Have Validity Period While Moving

There are mails that we’re expected to sign within a particular period. Let’s take, for example, a university admission letter, an acceptance job letter, tax information, car registration, and some bills.

Not being able to sign or accept these mail on time can cost you a lot. For example, you might lose the admission or job offer or pay a tax fine. 

Also, these are private mails you aren’t supposed to leave in the PO box for long or in a friend’s box. If so, we’ve to look for a better alternative to receiving emails.

PostScan Mail Comes in Handy

PostScan Mail is a leading virtual mailbox and address service provider launched in 2012. The service allows you to save time and energy by managing your mails remotely. 

Once you sign up with PostScan Mail, all your mail will be delivered to their facility. Then, they send an email to you where you’ll request the following line of action for your mail or package. You can have your mail delivered, forwarded, recycled, or shredded.

PostScan Mail helps you manage all your mail online from the comfort of your room when camping or on a long trip. 

When you Sign Up for a PostScan Mail Service, you’ll be able to receive all your mail and packages at a physical location without having a permanent address. 


Instead, PSM will provide you with an actual street address where you can send all your mail; from there, your mail will be forwarded to you wherever you’re using our incredible Mail forwarding service. 

PSM also offers Mail Scanning Services that enable you to open, scan, filter, shred, forward or recycle your mails. Thus only important mail will be delivered to you on the road. 


The RV Mailing Service of PostScan mail provides an easy way to receive your mail and packages while you’re RVing. All you’ve to do is redirect all your emails to the street address you choose; from there, PSM will forward it to you wherever you’re. 


Traditional Mail Forwarding Service VS RV Mail Forwarding Service

If you’re camping in a permanent location for some time and your camping ground allows mail delivery, then you can redirect all your mails to the camping ground by sending a filing for a change of address with the USPS. 

But what if you’re RVing? Will a traditional Mail Forwarding Service meet your needs, or should you consider an RV mail forwarding service?

When you use a traditional mail forwarding service, you must file for a change of address every time you change your location. This can be an inconvenience if you’re an RVer constantly moving.

On the other hand, if you use an Rv mail forwarding service, you will not need to change your address when you move. Instead, all your mail will be received in a secured mail facility, and from there, you’ll choose where it will be forwarded. 

A traditional mail forwarding service will forward your packages and mail. If you don’t know that three packages have been forwarded, you can move on after receiving the first two, leaving the last parcel stranded. If you use an RV mail forwarding service, you can request that all your packages be forwarded to you on the same day. 

With an RV mail forwarding service, you can only forward important mail and packages; a traditional mail forwarding service will forward all – only to have to wait for a week to receive unimportant mail.


The Advantages of Using PSM RV Mail Forwarding Service

Even though there are a lot of RV mail forwarding service providers, almost all offer the same services. The trick to choosing a reliable provider is searching for additional benefits. 

PostScan Mail is among millions and undoubtedly the best option for your RV mail forwarding services. Here are some of its advantages:


How to Get PSM Services

To enjoy our digital mail services – Virtual mailbox service, mail forwarding services, RV mail forwarding services, and Package forwarding service, here are the steps to follow: 

►Step 1

Sign up for Post scan mail via their official website

►Step 2

Select a Plan and a Mailing address,  then fill out the USPS Postal Consent Form to give us the right to receive mail on your behalf. Send the original copy of the form and two photo IDs to our headquarters.

►Step 3

File for a USPS change of address to reroute all your mails to your new mailing address.

►Step 4

When we receive any of your mail or package, our trained staff will quickly scan the label and send it to you online. You’ll be able to access your Post scan account and manage your mails on any internet-enabled device.

►Step 5

Decide what we should do with your mail item – you can request for an open and scan where we’ll scan the contents of a mail and send it to you as a  PDF. If you’re an RVer constantly moving, you can request to get several of your mails and packages bundled into one item and forwarded to you wherever you’re. You can also ask for archiving or recycling of your mail item.


How Much Does PostScan Mail Forwarding Service Cost? 

When you sign up for PostScan Mail, you’ll be required to choose one of their three plans – starter, standard, or premium.

►The Starter Plan costs $10 monthly and supports 30 incoming mails and a single recipient. 


►The Standard Plan goes for $20 per month with 60 incoming mail items, out of which you can open and scan ten items. It also supports two recipients making it ideal for families and small businesses.


►The Premium Plan costs $30 monthly, with 120 incoming mails and 20 open and scan items. It supports 6 recipients making it ideal for large businesses. 

All three plans support RV mail forwarding – if you want to forward mail, you’ll be charged $2 for the first item, then 0.50 cents per additional item plus the shipping fee. 

Wrap Up

At PostScan Mail, we prioritize making mail handling easier for you. In addition, our RV mail forwarding service ensures you receive all essential mails and packages while RVing during summer. 

With our virtual mailbox, you’ll be able to have complete control over your mail and decides what you do with them at any time, anytime.

Please contact us for all the information about our company and how we can help your needs.


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