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Why Should You Use PostScan Mail Forwarding Service Instead of USPS Mail Forwarding?

Psm Vs Usps

Psm Vs Usps

As a business owner, you’re likely to travel from one place to another frequently, but does that mean you have to change your mailing address whenever you travel to another city? Before the advent of online mailing services, that was the only way out.

We all know that changing a corporate address can be daunting as you need to notify old and new clients, agencies, and stakeholders you’re working with.

You’ll have to go to your bank to change the address, go to your credit card company to make changes, and inform your family and friends about your new mailing address. 

Many individuals and business owners think the USPS mail forwarding service is the best mail forwarding service you can use when there’s a need to change your mailing address. We aren’t saying USPS isn’t good, but it’s not the best! 

USPS won’t be able to forward your mail forever. However, if you change your location, they will forward your mail including first-class service commercial, first-class mail, library mail, priority mail, and media mail for up to a year.

For 12 consecutive months, you don’t have to worry not about your valuable packages and mail. But, on the other hand, USPS will forward less junk mail like magazines and newspapers for two months.  

Except under emergency circumstances, USPS mail forwarding will not extend their forwarding services; therefore, you’ve to change your mailing address. And here’s where Posts can Mail Forwarding Service comes into play. 

PostScan Mail forwarding service is the best alternative to USPS, as it takes your snail mail and transforms it into a digital mail that can be easily forwarded. 

With PostScan Mail Forwarding Services, you don’t have to change your mailing address as they offer a virtual mailbox that can easily forward your mail nationwide or internationally.


But then you might be wondering what Mail forwarding and mail forwarding services are. So let’s take a look at that:


What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is a service offered by post offices and mail service providers in which they redirect mail addressed to one address to another location – mainly for a short period. 

Mail forwarding is mainly used by individuals and business owners when they change their address for a short period. 

Mail forwarding service is offered by government postal authorities and private mail forwarding services like PostScan Mail.

PostScan Mail also offers additional services like Mail Scanning, delivery options, and virtual mailbox services as a private mail forwarding service.

Many advantages come with using PostScan Mail forwarding service; they include:

With the PSM mail service, you’ll be able to receive your mail and packages quickly wherever you are.


Who Needs Mail Forwarding Services? 

You might need mail forwarding services as a person or as a company. 

As a person, if you change your location for a short time, you’ll require a mail forwarding service from a reliable company like PostScan Mail. While your family and friends might know you’ve moved to a new location, your banks, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, and government agencies you’re working with might know. To avoid missing any precious package or important mail, you’ll have to work with PostScan Mail or USPS to forward all your mail to your new location. 

If you own a company, you’re likely to be receiving tons of mail. It will be hard for you to be able to pick up all mail and go through them as that can be very time-consuming and inconvenient. Therefore the best way to ease stress is by using a mail forwarding service. 

Also, if you’re on business trips and want to keep checking your mail wherever you are, you can use a mail forwarding service. When you receive mail at your regular business address, a mail forwarding service will redirect the mail delivery to a new location instead of your former address. 


Kinds of USPS Mail Forwarding Service 

There are generally two USPS mail forwarding services; Standard and Premium

The Standard USPS mail forwarding Service is the regular mail forwarding service. If you’re relocating permanently, submit a permanent change of address to USPS to reroute all mail to your new address. 

If you’re relocating temporarily, you’ll submit a temporary change of address to redirect your mail and packages to your new address while you’re away for 15 days up to 12 months. 

Standard mail forwarding, first-class mail, periodicals, priority mail express, and first-class packages are delivered for free. On the other hand, Premium USPS Forwarding Services are paid. Therefore, they offer more flexibility to individuals and businesses that want more options to when and where they receive their mail. 


Types of USPS Change of Address Forms

An important thing to know about USPS change of address forms is you can select one of the three kinds of forms to fill. They’re Individual, Family, and Business change of address forms. 


Individual USPS Change of Address Form

An individual USPS change of address form is divided into three parts: Single, roommates, and family members on the move. 


Family USPS Change of Address Form

If family members are moving to a new location, they can request a family USPC change of address form and fill it out. This will notify USPS to forward the mail of everyone in that family to your new location.


Business USPS Change of Address Form

If you’re in charge of mail forwarding for your business, you can file a business USPS change of address form. This happens when the entire company changes its address and different workers receive mail from the company. 



Final Thoughts

It is important to note that the USPS mail forwarding service isn’t the best way to change your mailing address as it has several drawbacks. For example, USPS might not be able to forward a mail that’s not sent with your name on it, and they’ll only forward mail sent through USPS. In addition, you might not have your emails forwarded to you if your emails are sent through FedEx or DHL. 

Then what’s the best option when changing your mailing address? The answer is Postscan Mail Forwarding Service, an online mail that receives your postal mail and forwards them to your specified location.

With PostScan Mail virtual mailbox service, you’ll be able to access your virtual PO box and your check mail from the comfort of your room. 

Using their mail scanning service, you can easily filter your mail, open and scan them, forward the important ones, and recycle the others. 

Now that you know how PostScan Mail can make changing mail addresses and delivering your emails simpler, hurry up and set up an account to start enjoying its amazing features.


Please contact us for all the information about our company and how we can help your needs.


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