It is important that your postal mail is well protected and handled cautiously; at PostScan Mail, we ensure all our procedures and employees follow the established security protocols to create a safe environment for our employees, you, and your mail.

Security Scanning

Mail Scanning

When new mail arrives, the envelope of your mail item is scanned and a crisp image is uploaded to your mailbox. You receive instant notifications with any new mail & packages for you to choose what to do next. If you request an open & scan, the content of your mail item is scanned and you can download, print, or archive it.

Security Employee Security

Employee Security

Creating a safe and healthy workplace is a major key to any company’s success. We run background checks on all new hires and have standard security, environmental, and health policies ensuring the safety of all our employees. Office surveillance, data security, maintenance, emergency exits, etc. are implemented for a streamlined workflow.

Security Document Shredding

Mail Shredding

Important and sensitive mail like financial documents, bills, and contracts need to be handled promptly to avoid falling into the wrong hands. Using the shredding & recycling feature, you can easily shred any critical mail item and even have it recycled for an eco-friendly initiative! Keep your private mail protected by handling it instantly.

Security Account Security

PostScan Mail Account Security

All personal or financial info given is protected under advanced data encryption, user authorization systems, and backup solutions. Your account’s security is highly protected against any online breaches or human threats. All mail and packages are guarded in parcel lockers and can’t be accessed except by authorized operators.

Security File Security

File Security

We ensure your virtual mailbox is fully protected as well; each open & scanned file is stored online in your mailbox for you to view or download at any time, creating a digital archive. You can never lose or misplace important mail again. Paper mail is incompetent and can lead to mail theft or worse, identity theft, so it isn’t the best file security protocol to do. However, physical mail & packages storage is also available.

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