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PostScan Mail Increases efficiency for Businesses

By using PostScan Mail services, your business is sure to save both time and money. Because we scan your postal mail for you and alert you upon its arrival, you are free of the necessity to constantly monitor mail deliveries.
You’ll never miss an important delivery again because PostScan Mail will send images of all mail items directly to you.

You determine how each piece should be handled, tell us what you want done with a piece of mail, and we’ll take care of it right away! All of our products and services are safe and secure – and designed with you, the customer, in mind. Our state-of-the-art design lets you focus on more important things than getting the mail!

The services of PostScan Mail offer increased efficiencies for businesses of many kinds, particularly those that must handle a high volume of documents or payments through the postal service. PostScan Mail lets you operate in a nearly paperless environment – we take care of receiving and storing your physical mail. You receive email alerts when mail arrives and digital scans of the envelopes, package labels or contents as you specify – no need to deal with piles of paper!

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Marketing Firms

Marketing professionals often need to handle promotions, surveys, address returns, and other tasks that generate a large volume of incoming mail.
Dealing with high volumes of paper mail costs time and money and takes staff members away from more important duties. PostScan Mail can take care of your incoming mail easily and efficiently.

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Financial Industry

Financial services companies and accounting firms need to keep on top of correspondence, but who has time to sort through mountains of paper?
The need to sort and scan documents takes considerable time that could be spent more profitably. With PostScan Mail, you decide which pieces of mail you want to see – no need to take time to make a trip to the post office.

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Online Businesses

Online business owners, you probably strive to scale and leverage their company’s capabilities as needed, yet many of you continue to struggle with post office deliveries and paper mail. Why? PostScan Mail frees you from paper processing and lets you manage your mail and packages online in the same way you manage your business.

Because we’ll scan and store your physical mail, you can manage it from anywhere at any time, which means you can handle more mail without adding to your overhead.

Having a U.S. address through PostScan Mail can enhance your business presence let you take advantage of potentially lower-cost services available to U.S.-based organizations. It’s a win-win situation for the online business operator.

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Law Practices

Lawyers know that their business depends on documents and the timely handling of those documents. Much time at a law practice is taken up by handling the mail, ensuring that all critical items have been received and saved.

The online mail management capabilities of PostScan Mail let you free up your staff to handle more important matters and work with more efficiency, which could translate into higher profits.

When you choose a U.S. address at a PostScan Mail facility, we will receive your mail for you and alert you through email when it arrives. You can then review a scanned image of the item and decide if you want to save it or discard it.

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