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Forget Snail Mail, Go Digital!

The PostScan Mail web app gives you complete control over your mail deliveries,  you can request to open & scan, recycle or forward your physical mail items at the click of button. Our mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


Mail Forwarding

Our mail forwarding functionality offers real-time shipping rates and shipment tracking. Simply choose the mail items you would like to forward, specify your shipping address and we’ll forward them on to any destination in the world – it’s that easy!

Psm Operator Shipments

Shipment Tracking

We offer real-time shipment tracking for all mail and package deliveries, simply click on the tracking number and see the exact status of your shipment from initial delivery to final destination.

Psm Operator Open And Scan

Mail Archiving

We store the scanned image of your mail items in your account, you will have free access to them for as long as your account remains active. You can attach them to emails, download them or request to permanently delete them.

Psm Operator Multiple Users

Multiple Recipients

You can add multiple recipients to your account, either as individuals or businesses. You can assign them a dedicated mailbox and we will provide them with sub-accounts where they can view and manage their mail.

Psm Operator Customer Management

Filters and Folders

Once logged into your mailbox, you will be able to easily view and sort through your mail items using filters and customized folders. We help you bring your online mail management to a whole new level.

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