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Private Mailbox - Online PO Box With Street Address

PostScan Mail provides a Private Mailbox rental service that combines a PO Box with a genuine street address, catering to both individuals and business owners. This comprehensive solution includes a cloud-based mailbox and automated mail services, all with the added prestige of a real street address. Embrace the convenience of automated mail management by securing an actual street address today and enjoy the advantages of a traditional PO Box. With more than 700+ available addresses nationwide, selecting a private mailbox with a street address ensures seamless mail management, allowing you to access and view your physical mailbox online at your convenience.

The Importance of Private Mailbox Rental Service

  • A private mailbox rental service allows you to keep your home address private. This can benefit individuals concerned about identity theft or who simply want to maintain a separation between their personal and professional lives.
  • Private mailbox rental services typically offer secure facilities where your mail and packages can be stored until you are able to pick them up. This can reduce the risk of theft or damage.
  • Private mailbox rental services can be convenient for people who travel frequently or who have unpredictable schedules. You can pick up your mail and packages at your convenience, and you don’t have to worry about missing important deliveries.
  • If you run a business from home, a private mailbox rental service can give you a more professional image. You can use your private mailbox address on your business cards and website, and you can have your mail and packages delivered to a central location that is separate from your home.

What is a Private Mailbox Rental Service?

A private mailbox rental is a service offered by private businesses, such as PostScan Mail, where individuals or businesses can rent private mailboxes (as a personal mailbox- business mailbox) inside PostScan Mail centers with physical street addresses for receiving and sending mail and packages. Private mailboxes are typically located in commercial businesses, such as shipping stores or print shops. They are a good option for people who want to keep their home address private or who need a more professional address for their business. This service provides an alternative to using a traditional postal mailbox or P.O. Box offered by the national postal service. Handle your mail, packages, and deliveries effortlessly while focusing on your life.

PostScan Mail provides two kinds of private mailbox services: personal mailbox and business mailbox.

What is a Private Mailbox Rental Service?

How Does Private Mailbox Work?

Digital Reception

Digital Reception

Incoming physical mail is sent to a designated physical address provided by the Private mailbox service.

Mail Sorting And Scanning

Mail Sorting and Scanning

Upon arrival, the Private mailbox service sorts the mail and scans its contents. This process ensures that you receive a digital copy of each piece of mail.

Digital Access

Digital Access

Users can access their Private mailbox online or through a dedicated smartphone app. The digital copies of the mail are available for viewing and managing.

Notifications And Organization

Notifications and Organization

Private mailbox services often provide notifications when new mail arrives. Users can organize, archive, or take additional actions with their digital mail.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage

The digital copies are securely stored, allowing users to retrieve and manage their mail from anywhere with internet access.

The Difference Between Personal Mailbox & Business Mailbox.

Personal Mailbox
Business Mailbox
Individual use for personal mail Intended for businesses and professional use
Privacy Enhances personal privacy and security Offers privacy and a professional image for businesses
Address Usage Can be used as a personal mailing address Used as an official business address
Mail Handling Suitable for personal mail and packages Designed for handling business mail, packages, and documents.
Mail Forwarding Often includes mail forwarding options for travelers or remote individuals Commonly includes mail forwarding services for business mobility
Digital Mail Access May offer digital access to mail through scanning services Commonly provides digital mail access for efficient business management
Cost Generally lower cost for individual use Cost may vary based on business needs and location
Additional Services Services may include package receiving, secure storage, and mail scanning Offers services tailored to business needs, such as virtual office solutions, conference room access, etc.
Image and Professionalism Enhances personal image but may not project a business presence Projects a professional image for businesses and establishes credibility

Features of a Private Mailbox Rental Service with PostScan Mail

Fast, Secure Online Access

Fast, Secure Online Access

Private Mailbox Rental through PostSan Mail goes beyond a traditional mailbox, transforming into a comprehensive service that delivers your mail directly to your virtual inbox(personal mailbox). Enjoy the convenience of accessing your mail securely from the comfort of your home, simply by logging into your email on any device.
Upon the arrival of new postal mail, you receive instant notifications along with a scanned image of the envelope, revealing the sender’s information. With this insight, you have the flexibility to choose how to handle the mail. Opt to have it opened, securely scanned, and sent to you, or leave it unopened for forwarding to another address. In select locations, you even have the option to personally pick up your mail. Notably, this virtual PO Box with a street address extends its services to receiving packages as well. Experience fast, secure, and efficient online access to your mail with Private Mailbox Rental from PostSan Mail.

Smart Private Mailbox Management

Smart Private Mailbox Management

Managing your private mailbox from the ease of your smartphone or PC is not only convenient but also empowering, giving you complete authority over your mail. Opt to securely dispose of mail after reviewing its contents.
If unwanted mail is a nuisance, utilize the filtering option to prevent notifications for junk mail. Additionally, the private mailbox with a street address offers storage services, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free residence or premises.



If you operate an online business or work remotely, there are instances where your home address might become publicly visible, even if you prefer to keep it confidential.
For instance, legal requirements for business email usage mandate the inclusion of your business address, potentially exposing your home address when sending newsletters to customers. This situation is less than ideal. Moreover, if your home address is used in business filing paperwork, it becomes part of the public record. Opting for a virtual PO Box with a street address ensures that any legal filings or official documents will display this address instead, maintaining the confidentiality of your essential personal information.
Reserve your physical address for tasks such as registering websites, as spammers commonly extract addresses from WHOIS records. Having your home address on WHOIS can lead to unwanted spam. A virtual PO Box with a street address acts as a protective measure, keeping your home free from such unsolicited messages.


Get Paid Faster

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Get Paid Faster

Skip the endorsement of checks and reconciling deposit slips, allowing for faster access to funds.

Benefits of Private Mailbox Rental With PostScan Mail

Welcome to a new era of efficient mail management with PostScan Mail. Explore the unparalleled benefits of a private mailbox, powered by cutting-edge features designed to enhance your business image, ensure security, and provide unmatched convenience. From accepting deliveries from all major carriers to offering a real street address for a professional touch, discover how our services redefine the mailbox experience. Join us in unlocking the advantages that streamline your operations, elevate your business credibility, and safeguard your sensitive documents. Experience the future of mailbox solutions with PostScan Mail.


  • At PostScan Mail, we go beyond the limitations of traditional P.O. boxes by accepting package deliveries from all major carriers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS. Never miss a delivery again – our dedicated staff is always available to sign for your packages, eliminating the need to track down deliveries after missed attempts.
  • Gain the professional edge for your business with a real street address and suite number instead of a P.O. Box number. Our flexible mail pickup service allows you to collect your mail at your convenience, ensuring its safety and security until retrieval.
  • Choose the mailbox solution that suits your needs – we provide options for both business and personal use in various sizes, allowing you to pay only for the space you require. Save time with our phone-ahead service, giving you the information you need about pending mail or packages, preventing unnecessary trips.
  • Your mail’s security is our priority, with two locks – one on the front door and another on your mailbox. Enjoy the privacy of your mailbox, as we do not disclose its existence to others. Additionally, we accept and secure packages on your behalf, preventing theft from your doorstep. This service extends to packages from UPS, FedEx, and other couriers, ensuring they remain secure until your convenient arrival.
  • Ensure the safety of your family and maintain a professional appearance with a private mailbox at PostScan Mail. Our street address lends credibility to your business, projecting a long-term, stable operation image. This is especially crucial if you’re establishing your business or desire a lasting professional impression.
  • Experience the benefits of a virtual PO box with a street address, providing a professional image and first impression for your business. Regardless of your location, enjoy easy accessibility to your mail, receive official legal documents, and manage operations online through smartphones or computers. The added security layer includes 24/7 monitoring, guaranteeing the safe handling of sensitive documents or packages.
  • Utilize your virtual PO box to receive packages and mail from various couriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Cost-effective and convenient, a virtual PO box is the ideal solution for expanding and scaling your business with different addresses worldwide, eliminating the need for physical travel to collect mail or packages.

In summary, a Private Mailbox with a street address offers a commercial address, ensuring the separation of your business and personal life, even if you run a home-based business. Choose PostScan Mail for an array of benefits that enhance your business’s professionalism, security, and efficiency.

Who Needs a Private Mailbox Rental Service?

Business Owners

Business Owners

For Business Owners, particularly those with LLCs or other business entities, having a private mailbox featuring a physical street address becomes essential for receiving company mail and packages. Opting for a private mailbox service not only ensures the privacy and security of your business correspondence but also offers the flexibility to register your business at any chosen location.

People Who Travel Frequently

People Who Travel Frequently

For those frequently on the move, a private mailbox offers a reliable solution to avoid missing out on packages or crucial documents. Utilizing a private mailbox enables you to have your mail and packages delivered to a secure location that is your personal mailbox, ensuring a dependable reception, even when you’re traveling.

Remote Workers Seeking Security And Convenience

Remote Workers Seeking Security and Convenience

In the era of remote work, individuals are increasingly in need of a secure method to receive mail and packages. Opting for a private mailbox not only ensures this security but also offers the added convenience of avoiding the need to travel for in-person mail pickup.

Home Owners

Home Owners

For homeowners desiring to keep their address confidential or add an extra layer of privacy, a private mailbox proves to be an excellent solution. Opting for a private mailbox, essentially a personal mailbox, allows you to maintain the privacy of your home address while still receiving all your mail and packages.



Freelancers frequently require a reliable solution for receiving essential mail and packages related to their work, especially if they lack a permanent address. Opting for a private mailbox through PostScan Mail, complete with a genuine street address, offers freelancers the security and convenience necessary to concentrate on their work without concerns about mail management.

Why You Should Try PostScan Mail

  • Since 2012, Post Scan Mail has been leading the way in online Private mailbox services and mailroom management software.
  • Our network of Private mailboxes, powered by digital technology, is the largest and fastest-growing network with over 700+ addresses across the U.S. and abroad.
  • Post Scan Mail offers the most Private mailbox features and has earned the best customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.
  • Post Scan Mail have an excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.9.

Which is The Better Option for Your Mail Needs?

PostScan Mail Private Mailbox
Traditional PO Box
Package Acceptance
Accepts deliveries from various carriers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, providing unparalleled flexibility Limited to USPS deliveries, restricting carrier options and flexibility.
Dedicated Team for Secure Deliveries Ensures no missed deliveries with a dedicated team available to sign for packages, providing a secure and reliable experience May lack dedicated personnel, leading to potential missed deliveries and inconvenience.
Real Street Address for Professionalism Provides a genuine street address and suite number, projecting a professional image for businesses and individuals Uses a P.O. Box number, which may lack the professional appearance of a genuine street address.
Flexible Mail Pickup Offers the flexibility to pick up mail at preferred times, ensuring convenient and secure access to packages May have limited pickup hours, potentially causing inconvenience for individuals with busy schedules.
Additional Security Measures Implements double lock security, private mailbox status, and secure package acceptance for enhanced mail security May lack advanced security features, potentially exposing mail to risks.
Mail Management Utilize a user-friendly smartphone app or online platform for efficient mail handling. Typically limited to physical access at the post office.
Visual Mail Overview View images of each item in your mailbox for quick identification and organization. Relies on physical presence to visually inspect mail contents.
Scan and Convert to PDF Request scanning of mail content, with the option to convert to PDF for digital accessibility. Usually requires physical pickup or forwarding for document scanning.
Flexible Mail Forwarding Easily forward letters or packages according to your preferences, specifying when, where, and how. Limited forwarding options, often requiring in-person visits to the post office.
Package Consolidation Save on re-shipping costs by consolidating packages before forwarding. No built-in package consolidation, leading to potentially higher shipping fees.
Phone Forwarding and Voicemail Add phone forwarding or voicemail messaging services for enhanced communication options. Traditional PO Boxes typically do not offer phone or voicemail services.
Cloud Document Storage Securely store documents in the cloud with 2 GB of free storage space. No cloud storage; physical storage limitations may apply.
Discard or Shred Unwanted Items Easily discard or shred unwanted mail items, maintaining a clutter-free environment. Limited disposal options, may require a visit to the post office for discarding.
Email Check Deposits Conveniently deposit checks by email, streamlining the banking process. No email check deposit feature; traditional deposit methods may apply.

Easy Steps to Get Started

#1 Sign Up For Postscan Mail.

 #1 Sign up for PostScan Mail. You can choose from over 700 real mailing addresses to pick the one that is most convenient for you.

#2 Once You Have Chosen An Address

 #2 Once you have chosen an address, you will receive a unique ID that is associated with your mailbox.

#3 Fill Out A Change Of Address Form

 #3 Fill out a change of address form or inform senders of your new address so they can start sending mail to your private mailbox.

#4 You Will Be Notified When Mail Arrives

 #4 You will be notified when mail arrives addressed to you with your PMB number.

#5 Access, View, Forward, Or Shred

 #5 Access, view, forward, or shred mails 24/7 from anywhere using the PostScan Mail online platform.

#6 If You Need Additional Services,

 #6 If you need additional services, such as mail scanning, PostScan Mail offers this service at an additional cost.

Pricing Plan


As low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$10/mAs low as$15/mAs low as$10/m

  • Letters or Packages
    30 per month
  • Open & Scan *
  • Recipients


As low as$20/mAs low as$25/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$20/mAs low as$25/m

  • Letters or Packages
    60 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    10 per month
  • Recipients


As low as$30/mAs low as$35/mAs low as$40/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$50/mAs low as$55/mAs low as$60/mAs low as$65/mAs low as$45/mAs low as$30/mAs low as$35/m

  • Letters or Packages
    120 per month
  • Open & Scan *
    20 per month
  • Recipients
* Up to 10 pages, then $.25 cents per additional page.

Remittance Processing

Discover Digital Mailbox service for a professional and secure mail management solution, with fully and easily controlled mail available 24/7

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Expand your business globally with ease using PostScan Mail’s Virtual Business Address service, offering over 700+ real street addresses worldwide.

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Expand your business globally with ease using PostScan Mail’s Virtual Business Address service, offering over 700+ real street addresses worldwide.

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