PSM for the Financial Industry

Virtual mailbox for the Financial Industry Financial services companies and accounting firms need to keep on top of correspondence, but who has time to sort through mountains of paper? The need to sort and scan documents takes considerable time that could be spent more profitably. With PostScan Mail, you decide which pieces of mail you want to see - no need to take time to make a trip to the post office.

We will receive your mail at your unique address at our facility; send you an email alert about its arrival. We will take action on an item once you review its scanned image through our online system and tell us how to handle it. If you want to receive that item, we will send it on to you; if you want to see the contents of the item, we can scan the pages and send you electronic copies that you can save, print, forward, or store at your convenience. We can also store your mail items for you, freeing up valuable office space.
You can send mail electronically to multiple recipients with just a mouse click, give clients access to documents at your discretion, and search and sort electronic copies at your convenience.

Checks can be scanned and automatically deposited in any bank account specified. Don't waste time standing in line at the bank - we can handle all deposits electronically, and deposits can be automated to be made to specific accounts for specific account holders.

Since all mail documents can be stored in a central location, you will be ready for any compliance reviews, plus you have the assurance that your confidential documents remain that way. PostScan Mail gives you flexibility and convenient mail handling without any sacrifice of security.

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