PSM for Law Practices

Virtual address for Law Practices

Lawyers know that their business depends on documents and the timely handling of those documents. Much time at a law practice is taken up by handling the mail, ensuring that all critical items have been received and saved. The online mail management capabilities of PostScan Mail let you free up your staff to handle more important matters and work with more efficiency, which could translate into higher profits. When you choose a U.S. address at a PostScan Mail facility, we will receive your mail for you and alert you through email when it arrives. You can then review a scanned image of the item and decide if you want to save it or discard it.

All mail-handling activities at PostScan Mail are performed with the utmost in security, so you can be sure of document confidentiality. All mail will be handled efficiently and according to the specifications you established when you set up your account. Forward scanned contents electronically to multiple recipients, anywhere in the world, while knowing that the hard copy can be stored safely with PostScan Mail.

Several separate mailboxes can be set up under a single account, so each client or case can have its own repository for mailed documents, ensuring maximum privacy and security. Your PostScan Mail account offers the flexibility to scale your organization and manage all correspondence with total discretion.

You always have control over the way each received document or package is handled. Save time by having checks automatically deposited to any authorized bank account. Checks can be scanned and electronically deposited to a unique account for each client, if you wish.

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