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Marketing professionals often need to handle promotions, surveys, address returns, and other tasks that generate a large volume of incoming mail.

Dealing with high volumes of paper mail costs time and money and takes staff members away from more important duties.

PostScan Mail can take care of your incoming mail easily and efficiently.

How it works

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1. Choose Your Address

To get started, select a plan and a PostScan Mail address. You’ll need to fill out a USPS Form 1583 allowing us to receive mail on your behalf. This form will have to be notarized with two forms of ID and sent to us to complete the sign-up process. After completing your USPS Form 1583, you can start having your mail delivered to your new address. Once the location receives your postal consent form, your account is fully activated!

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2. View Your Mail

When your mail arrives to your new mailing address, our highly trained mail operators take immediate action. We quickly scan your mail and assign it to your account. An image is made available to you online and an email notification is sent notifying you of your new mail. Your mail is securely stored at our facility until you decide what to do with it next.

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3. Manage Your Mail

Once you’ve received your email notification, you can access your mail online through any desktop or mobile device. You simply review the image at your convenience, wherever you are, and decide how you want the item handled. You can request to open & scan, shred, recycle or forward your mail and package deliveries. Your mail is also securely stored in our cloud drive for you to access anytime. The power is in your hands!

Now you can manage all of your marketing mail streams online from any location and at any time. Multiple addresses can be established under a single account, so you can assign different virtual mail boxes to different marketing campaigns for better organization and review.

With better mail handling you’ll be able to purge your mailing lists of useless contacts as well. PostScan Mail offers you the capability to organize your promotional campaigns better and more effectively without assigning additional staff to the task.

Access Your Postal Mail Anywhere, Anytime!

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