PSM for Marketing Firms

Virtual address in US for Marketing Firms

Marketing professionals often need to handle promotions, surveys, address returns, and other tasks that generate a large volume of incoming mail. Dealing with high volumes of paper mail costs time and money and takes staff members away from more important duties. PostScan Mail can take care of your incoming mail easily and efficiently.

Once you have an account with PostScan Mail, you'll receive a U.S. address at which to receive incoming letters and packages. Our staff will scan the front of a letter or package label, and send you an email alerts about its arrival. You can then review the scan via our online system and decide how you want to handle it - have it forwarded to you or another recipient, store it at our facility, or discard it. If you want to see the contents of an item, our staff will scan its pages and send you an electronic copy, which you can review, sort, print, and store at your discretion.

Now you can manage all of your marketing mail streams online from any location and at any time. Multiple addresses can be established under a single account, so you can assign different virtual mail boxes to different marketing campaigns for better organization and review. With better mail handling you'll be able to purge your mailing lists of useless contacts as well. PostScan Mail offers you the capability to organize your promotional campaigns better and more effectively without assigning additional staff to the task.

Electronic and automatic check deposit services from PostScan Mail will eliminate the need to stand in line at your bank - just tell us which account you want your checks deposited to, and we'll take care of the rest.

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